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I am almost done with my BHT but have run into a few problems. What is the best way to remove glue and is there a touch paint I can use?




William Tatsch






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try some rubbing alcohol. Maybe let the area soak in it if possible. You can also try goo-gone. There is an industrial strength goo-gone but be careful with it on the plastic because it can melt it.


Actually, could you show us a picture of the accident area?

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That's actually worse looking than I thought. I wouldn't use alcohol on that it might ruin the finish. Honestly I don't know how to remove it without making it look work, hopefully someone else has a better suggestion.

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ABS glue isn't totally screwed, but it will require severe sanding. Honestly, super glue is not ideal anywhere in your armor. Stick with E6000 for most things. Holds well and can be xacto'd off if need be. That out of the way, I would try to carefully etch the superglue off carefully. You will likely need to sand back to its original shine. I am assuming this is on a hard part?

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