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Boots, or Stay on Target

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I saw these at Target the other day in the women's shoes:



I think they could help out a lot of prospective special ops troops. Not bad for $30.

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Nice find. Women's shoes tend to be more narrow in the front though. Toe scrunching sucks. Although these don't look like they do that. Be interested to know if anyone tries them out. My wife works at Target so extra discount! B)

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Nice find Toddo! I wonder what a men's size 11 would be in a woman's size....hmmm. :)


it should be about a size 13 Jim.

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I tried these on when I stopped by Target today. Yeah they were probably a bit narrow for a guy (but what do I know, they fit my female feet pretty nicely). I didn't buy them since I'm just getting started and haven't done enough research to buy my boots yet, just wanted to share.

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