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Loop or No Loop

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I recently purchased another hard leather holster to go with my armour. I had one already but I used it for my TK and TX and got sick of swapping it over all the time to the suit i was wearing on the day. The desicison i have is do i fix it to the TX belt permanently or do i loop it ? what is the preference amongst others and what works best

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either is acceptable according to the CRL. If you are not planning on swapping out the holster for another costume, then rivets make sense. I suggest using Chicago screws so that you have the holster affixed ANH-style, but can take it off if you are trooping weapon-less or for some other reason want to remove the holster.

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I use an esb style holster because I have several costumes that use it plus a few more coming up that will also use it. It makes swapping very easy and I don't need to buy a holster for each costume since it isn't fixed. It really comes down to if you plan to get more costumes or not. For just two I would say fix it permanently and save yourself the pain of the slipping around on the belt.

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