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BlackHole Armour.


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Hola chaps... one for those in the know.


I know such a question is somewhat frowned upon, but I'm going to ask it anyway.


If the answer can be passed via a PM (if inappropriate for the boards), I'd be most grateful.




One of the newbs to the UK Garrison has his heart set upon wearing the black stuff.


I just need to point him in the direction of the current suppliers.



So who's making what at the moment??




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I don't recommend this because it is more expensive, but because you're across the pond, you can order from Sheperton as well. Although I think he uses RotJ molds, so changes would need to be made. Again, not recommending, just letting you know it's available.

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Cheers chaps...


To be honest, getting stuff over here generally comes from the states anyway. And Specialist stuff like this is even harder to get.


Yes, we can get SDS stuff, but it's sometimes cheaper to just get a different kit from the states. He's quite expensive. His is an ANH kit (just for reference).

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His is an ANH kit (just for reference).


Ok cool. I saw one come across one time that was a RotJ mold and he was claiming it was made by Sheperton, but wasn't entirely sure. So I wasn't entirely sure, lol.

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