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New Helmet?

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Hey guys! So I recently just finished constructing my AM helmet, it looks alright, with a few teensy errors...but I've heard a lot about them being too big for a normal set, I'm about 5'11 and 163 lbs and it seems to look ok, but I feel like I'd do better with another bucket, any ideas on where to get a new TX bucket? I've found this thread ---> http://forum.501stsp...ck-a-tx-bucket/

But haven't seen anything on suppliers or where to buy. Hope to hear from you guys soon!

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I also own one of those and I am quite happy with it. My only, very minor complete, is the shrink wrap used to protect the bucket was a pain to get off around the ear caps.

I second this, I had to take my ear caps off to remove it entirely. Apparently they were put on over the wrap so there was a bunch underneath them.

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