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Armor Ordered - Some Questions


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Hello, everyone -


I apologize for starting a new topic, but I wanted to keep the other thread clear for discussion of the reference photos I posted. I have ordered my armor, and will be receiving it in a couple of weeks if all goes according to plan. I will need to build and paint it, of course. Because of some of the questions raised by some of the new info I've found, though, I want to clarify a few points before I build, so as to ensure approval . I'm sure I'll think of other questions, but here are a few that are immediately coming to mind, partly because I'm back to working on my helmet.


- Should my helmet bolts be grey, as per normal, or blue, as in the images?


- I have placed the digital style logo on the left temple of the helmet; should I also place another on the right or would one be sufficient?


- I assume that the Thermal Detonator would be done in the style as recommended in the CRL, or should I modify it as per the images from SWG? This appears to be the "standard" for all thermal detonators in the SWG, and I'd argue it could be done in this, or movie style, but I'm open to the detachment's views on this.


- The boots: should they include the 'dogbone' piece, or should they be done in 'animated' (ie: SWG) style, with no dogbone?


Thanks in advance for your assistance,



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I think the question needs to be posed as....


Are you going with a "movie style" or "Animated/Comic" style type swamp trooper?



And this probably needs to be run past Izzi, to see where the new CRL type stuff is heading. It's in it's early stages yet, so don't be offended if you don't get much of an answer.



If it's the former, I'd say.... Movie Style


1: Grey

2: one will be sufficient

3: Keep it as per the original CRL

4: With Dogbone, and Holster


Animated style.


1: Blue

2: one on EACH SIDE

3: Modded to match SWG screen shots

4:No Dogbone or Holster.

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Chef -


Thanks for the answer. I was thinking along the same lines, but wanted to hear the opinions of someone in the know.


In all likelyhood, given that the CRL has been "in progress" for some time, and given that Galaxies style Thermals simply don't exist at the moment, I would likely be going with the Movie version. Hopefully it would be approvable in that style.



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Chef -


In all likelyhood, given that the CRL has been "in progress" for some time, and given that Galaxies style Thermals simply don't exist at the moment,  I would likely be going with the Movie version. Hopefully it would be approvable in that style.

It seems like this is the key question - and it's one for Darth Emphatic and Izzi - for this costume, and other costumes in this detachment that are LMO approvals with CRL's in progress - which is, how does one go about getting approved in one of these?  I know Alex is building this because he wants an armored costume to troop in, this fall if possible (all we have are soft parts & helmet only costumes thus far).  But it is an LMO costume, and there is no LMO.  And our garrison's GMO just stepped down and passed the torch to his assistant.  So the assistant will likely come here for guidance on whether the finished Swampy is approvable.  In that case, who will make the call?  Izzi and/or Darth?  If so, does that mean that as long as the final build gets the thumbs up here that it will be good to go?  Asking on Mithras's behalf but also want to know as I'm hoping to starting a Spec Ops project myself.

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Alex... The CRL updates are very much in progress.


I've been asked to be on board (hence the recent addition of the CRL tag! whoop whoop) to get these moving.


I've just submitted the Storm Commando specialist requirements for perusal and approval. I'll be doing all the others in the near future.




I can easily knock up the swampy ones, based on your research (hence me pestering you.... thanks), but there is one in existence already. Makes sense that this is the next one on the list because you are currently 'in progress'.


If your new GML is likely to be coming here, then ultimately he is likely to be getting information based on your research (and thus the circle is complete).

The CRL for the swampy exists on the 501st boards, so it should be approvable (Izzi, darth, correct me if that is wrong).


We can only push for this costume.

If you build it... We'll back you up to the hilt.



I don't know the full machinations of the 501st..... but considering the research that has been done already. I think we've got a very strong case.

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Chef speaks wisely. The CRL's exists so that the GML's can approve the costume. That does not mean that the GML may not still post looking guidance from Izzi and I. This likely wont happen here, but on a super secret fortress of solitude section of the 501st forum. No matter what, you will be submitting to your GML and he/she will take the appropriate steps from there. What I highly recommend is working with your GML as you go through the creation process. Build that relationship and keep them in the loop. If you disagree with an assessment, Let Izzi or I know and if we agree, we can help out.

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The version I build will, I think, depend upon the kit I receive; in particular, the Thermal Detonator. If it appears to be modifiable into the animated version, then my intention is to build the animated style. However, if I cannot realistically mod the TD with the materials I have available, I'll build realistic as a secondary option.


Couple questions if I may. Assume for a moment an animated build.


1. Tank topper or no?

2. Rubies style fishhook or standard?


I am inclined toward thinking that there should be no tank topper, but I am of the opinion (for what it's worth) that the Rubies style decal is a mistake. I could be persuaded otherwise, but would value your thoughts, troopers.


One other question that arises. Have a look at those blue helmet bolts. Is it just me, or do they appear to be distressed/weathered to show traces of grey?




Couple more questions if I may

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Alex. I've just submitted the Draft "animated Swampy" CRL to the head-shed.


Nothing is set in stone yet, and there may well be details that change but what I've put based on your screen grabs is this.



1: No tank Topper, and 7 ranks stripes on each side of the tank.

2: Standard Fish hook on both sides of the Visor Shroud.

3: Helmet bolts painted Blue/Grey.

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Duly noted, Chef.


My armor arrived today. After inspection, I do not think that the Thermal Detonator is convertible in its current form to the version used in the animated armor. This is rather an important point, I think, because nobody is currently manufacturing that style of detonator. I have been looking at it very closely, and I believe that it is , for all intents and purposes, a much simplified "pixelated" version of the screen used detonator. This is a significant issue because, while I agree that the holster and tank topper are omissions that could validly be modeled, I'm just not sure about the requirement for an animated style detonator. It really seems an omission of detail/oversimplification (like the rubies style fishhook) rather than something intended to look distinctively different.


My argument, for what it's worth, would be for allowing the screen used detonator or, alternatively, no detonator at all. Any thoughts on this?


Because the CRLs are still in flux with this, and because some of the parts (for example, appropriately sized forest green web tape and velcro) are quite hard to come by, I'm going to be putting this project on hold until more information is available, unfortunately. I don't want to get halfway through the build only to discover that the Thermal Detonator has to be completely rebuilt, etc. I'm sure you understand. I'll keep watching the forums and will start work as soon as I can, but at the moment, there's just not enough to go on.




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Well.... as you know, the whole debate over this is raging at the moment. So anything could happen....



I like to keep you in the loop on this because you are effectively the one driving it and I certainly wouldn't want you to go and do something which then turns out to be wrong.



In terms of the costumes. The current thinking is along the lines of, there will be a base costume (the minimum requirements, which are reflected in the current CRL which you can find on the 501st), the "specialist" standard, which enters into a lot more detail and brings it in line with the Screen used Scouts, and then the "animated" version, which follows closely the game references that you provided.



The latter two are no walk in the park, and there has to be a few hoops to jump through for those dedicated to creating that costume. It is a journey to a better place.... trust me on this.


I have suggested that the Thermal Det is a different one to the standard screen used Scout.

The references you provided clearly show the round knob with two raised rectangles (one above and one below), and then three square buttons in a sunken zone on the left of the Det. This detail is then repeated on the top of the det too.


So I've gone for keeping as much to the reference source as possible. With warts, omissions and imperfections and all.

This is to set it well apart from the other lines. It clearly has to be 'one' or 'the other', not a mish-mash of base/animated depending on which is the easier part to complete.



Making the det would be pretty easy with some plastic card. it's only a box with a bit of raised detail. Certainly not something beyond the capabilities of a determined man.


Like I say, it is all in a bit of flux at the moment.

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Has there been any movement on the CRL? I ask because I've got the parts sitting here, and I really can't continue with the kit until the final details are resolved. It's not the end of the world if this is going to be a while; I have enough here that I can easily switch gears and build a Shadow Scout.


Thanks for any info you can share!



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Yes, movement is going on, unfortunately with it happening in members' spare time and there does have to be discussion and drafts to word it properly to avoid confusion. It will take a while. However, if you build according to the references you have I will back you with the LMO 100%. Plus if you show your progress along the way we can give suggestions. There's no reason to halt your build.



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