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Proposed Modified Seatrooper CRL

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Hello, all. Just something I've been thinking a lot about lately during my free time. Take it or leave it:) This is essentially Izzi's original draft from 2010, updated with some of the more recent data we have from the WOC version of the armor, etc.




Aquatic Assault Trooper (Sea Trooper)



(All hard armor may be white gloss, semi-gloss, or weathered. Equipment worn in undersea environments does not often remain showroom quality; weathering is highly encouraged but not required.)


Chest Plate: Standard Biker Scout style chest plate


Back Plate: Standard Biker Scout style back without tank. Tank is replaced by the Air Tanks described below. No flashing lights or LEDs are acceptable anywhere on the costume.


** Air Tanks: Consist of rectangular enclosure with two air canisters mounted on top. A control pad, depicted as having at least one small rectangular screen and two knobs, is mounted between the two canisters, slightly overlapping them.


Shoulder Bells: Standard Biker Scout style.


Bicep Armor: Standard Biker Scout Style. Must have Black T-Bits.


Elbow Armor: Standard Biker Scout Style.


Forearm Armor: Required if worn with WOC version of the Seatrooper. Should not be used otherwise. These are TK style bracers, white in color.


Handplates: Required if worn with the WOC version of the Seatrooper. Should not be used otherwise. These are TK style handplates, worn over plain black, compression style gloves.


Belt: Biker Scout style belt with four pouches and thigh boxes. No thermal detonator is worn. If wearing the WOC style Seatrooper armor, drop boxes are NOT permitted.


Cod and Butt Plate: This is a plain white cod and butt piece, similar to that worn by TKs. However, a raised ridge runs from about the center of the cod plate between the legs to about the center of the butt plate.


Knee Armor: These are Biker Scout style knees. They are white in color.


Greaves: These are worn on the shins. If building a WEG style Seatrooper, the shins should be built to match the detailed visual references available. If worn with the WOC style Seatrooper, TK style greaves should be worn. NO KNEE PLATES are worn with the TK style greaves.





Modified Scout Helmet: Helmet may be white gloss, semi-gloss, or weathered. Weathering is encouraged, but not required.


- Two ribbed hoses run from each side of the snout to the respective air tanks on their sides.

- The snout is built as standard Biker Scout snout if building the WEG version; the WOC version is plain, with no greeblies or details.

- Ears are plated over and closed.

- Dome may have a raised dome with a "sensor array" resembling the WEG reference pictures, but ONLY if building the WEG version of the armor.

- There are no decals or markings on the helmet of any kind.


- If using the Don Post/Rubies helmet, the following modifications must also be made:


** Remove the logo on the back neck

** Repaint bucket if not white.

** Replace lens

** Slim facemask if it's flared

** Replace bolts on visor/bucket

** Replace aerator



- Undersuit: One or two piece compression style body suit. May be a dive suit, UnderArmour or similar style and material.

- Gloves: tight fitting, non-ornamental gloves that match the material of the body suit.

- Cummerbund: Plain white tight fitting material resembling the armor, without any ribbing or ornamental stiching that covers the abdomen. REQUIRED for the WOC version of the Seatrooper; optional for the WEG version.



- Fins: White fins modified to resemble the visual references. White or black dive boots may be worn instead, but fins must be carried or attached to the shins or belt of the armor.


WEAPON (Optional)


- E-11

- Scout Blaster

- E-11/Speargun Hybrid: built to resemble visual references




Again, just my thoughts.



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Looks really good. I'd love to see you create this one and bring it to life. :)


Thanks, Griffin:) I have noticed a couple other details, and I think I've come to a conclusion about a couple of changes. First, it appears to me that there are no helmet bolts with either Scout. Secondarily, I'm beginning to think that the raised cod area, at least in the WEG version, is an artists rendering of the standard scout cod, in white. What do you think? I'm guessing this based upon the image from the databank.



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Hey mate, looks like you're stepping up to the plate on this :)


I like it, but I can see that you're thought patterns are exactly where mine were when I started my build; http://forum.501stsp...atrooper-build/


While the WEG seatrooper looks like a modified scout, it isn't. I eagerly bought a TB with the intention of modifying it to be a seatrooper. When I pulled the parts out of the box and started playing, I realized that there are parts you just can't do it on.


Among other parts, the chest plate is *heavily* modified, and while you could use the standard scout back plate, you'd still need to make modifications to make it seamless, and account for the longer running straps on the chest piece. The Shoulder Bells are more a TK style, as they are pointed at the top in the reference pic and the TB bells are rounded. TK forearms are too long to use, and cutting a pair down looks strange, so it's more a custom job on those as well.


TB biceps work well though, with the 'T' bits.


The Bucket though, you could never modify a TB helmet accurately. It needs to be a custom built helmet. There are far too many inconsistancies between the TB and Seatrooper buckets. Trust me on this one, I broke down the references for the helmet in order to sculpt it.




The cod is not a TB cod, as I made this connection too, but the TB cod is a fabric extention on the cummerbund, while the seatrooper armour clearly connects with the butt plate and is solid. And it is a PITA to create, that and the greaves are the two hardest parts I've found on the suit.


Don't want to be putting you off the build or anything, but I've been working on mine on and off for 3 years now, and I really wish I could dedicate more time to finishing it. But over that time I've had discussions with 3 LMOs and 2 GMLs as well as the wonderful guys here on the spec ops boards about the details on this suit. It is one that is far more difficult to piece together than it initially seems. In my correspondences, I've been told several times that a modified TB simply won't cut it. If it did, then I would have been approved a long time ago.


If you want to chat and gnaw my ear off, by all means I'm happy to discuss the seatrooper and it's details. Please don't take this as criticism and me being narky cause I'm making one, but I've been through all you're going through at the moment, and by the sounds of things you're following my footsteps exactly. Just want to share my experiences :)




PS. Also, you mention Izzi's draft CRL. I wrote that one for him ;) It does need some revisions (alot), but I wrote it after the first LMO (Spanos) knocked back my ideas. Have had drafts kicking around my PC as I have been finding more intricate details and whatnot while sculpting, though it's been a long while since I looked at them.

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Hehe, Yep still got that interest list from way back for the helmets. My tutor is busy until next month working on another film, so hopefully I'll be able to sit down with him then and nut out how we're going to finish the project.

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