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Imperial Medic- is that under our perview?

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I was re-reading the SW Comics series Trade Paperback "Empire vol 6" and came across these guys:


Has anyone looked at doing this, and if so, where would this one fall? Under us, or another detachment? Just curious...

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For any new costume to be approved there needs to be a 360 degree view available in the references provided. The references must be official LFL material. Which the comics are. So if you can find a few panels with views of all angles of this character then go for it! :yes:

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Hmm... Chop up a helmet and that could be done. Anyway, basic requirements for the Det is for the armor's owners to want to join the Detachment and for the Det to feel that the armor would be a good match. We've always specialized in combat troopers, so I'm not sure about the match. However, I won't turn a costume away either. Too much good stuff comes out of costumes in detachments. They're more likely to get CRLs done and have more members pursuing and sharing build threads. At the moment I can't think of any Det that would match up better with anyway.




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That is what I was thinking. The Field/Combat Surgeon would be a part of any SpecOps Deployment. The US Navy Seals and the Israeli Mossad, amongst others, have assigned Combat Medics that travel with them as part of their support team, along with their Pilots, Gunners Communications, Intel, and other staff. I have a friend that was part of a SOCOM Support team while in the Navy, and he was not the guy kickin in the door, but he was there when the team went out and came back in, and was no less a part of SOCOM, even though he was in a "Non-Combat" role...

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So here is from the Wookieepedia:


Army surgeons wore turquoise blue uniforms and helmets with breathing filters that partially covered their faces. They utilized a wide variety of operating gear and a small network of medical computers that aided in monitoring the patient's condition.



"The Surgeons was a Republic Special Forces black ops squad that operated during the Great Galactic War against the Sith Empire. Originally a Republic Army unit under the command of newly-promoted Sergeant Fideltin Rusk, the other members of the squad were recruited by General Garza after their first mission to become part of the Special Forces' black ops division." (Emphasis added by me)

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I would love to see that built, and it'd be great to see it here. According to your research we'd certainly have a good argument to keep it.


I would imagine the only other place that could even consider it would be the Imperial Officer Corps? It sorta looks like they are wearing Officer-like outfits, and over there they have Crewman and Navy Troopers, but like I said according to your definition I would imagine we could take them here.

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Are you flipping me the bird Evilboy?

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