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finishing touches on my shadow scout

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Hi all,

i am nearing the completion of my shadow scout





the bucket is a don post which i modded my self :)







all modiications requested have been done - slimming of face, removal of don post badge at the back, proper snout piece and visor bolts


i just wanted to confirm a few things:



-can a silver mirrored lens be used? (the new crl says balck or dark green but i have seen a lot of detachment pictures with a mirrored lens)

-do i apply decals for the fish hook, back and front vents?

-do the visor bolts have to be black, i have seen some pics where they are grey?


Chest armor

- is the indentation not painted grey?



-the hose has to be black, not grey?



-the dog bone across the front has to be present?


thanks for your help, i cant wait to be a detachment member!!!




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I've seen Shadow Scouts approved with a Silver lens, but ultimately it's up to the LMO.


No fishhook, and honestly, though some things could be described as a really dark grey in the references, I think they were just meant to be different finishes of black. Straight black from head to toe is the purest form of the Shadow Scout in my opinion.


The boots are exactly like TB boots. holster, dog-bone and all.



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