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RUN, do not walk, away from that armor and that site in general. You will pay about three times what you would for a kit, and it will cost nearly as much to get it approveable. also, the materials are famously flimsy. Find a Trusted vendor here, or one that does Black runs on FISD (www.whitearmor.net). Check with TupperwareTK here for the new and improved AM armor.

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I agree...avoid that setup and site in general. You can find a much better and less expensive set of armor. Make sure and check out the "Junkyard" on this forum for some member posted deals. Keep an eye on the site and ask questions.



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I'd go as far as to say the man is a con artist and one who blatantly lies about the suitability of his stuff....


We have a bit of a running saga with this company over here in the UK.

We are forever having new recruits turn up to the garrison with his stuff, and have to deal with the fall-out when we gently tell them they've bought a pile of overpriced crap.


Avoid.... and you'll probably find something much cheaper and more suitable over your side of the pond.



Good luck.

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