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Elite Nova Trooper wanted

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Gentlemen, fellow mercinaries, fellow assassins; Altough new , ihave not reached the stage as verified cadet, there fore, i dont believe i can access threads of the junk nature. AS you 3 are obviously going to my allies, I understand that specops i quite the covert lot, and there are very few around , and in aus but 1, other than myself wishing to accquire this posi. Am sure that a sum of around the $1500 mark is quite acceptable and am asking, Yes, for some help with the build. Although I would prefer a complete build in one hit. Ansd as far as I know I am the only person in the far north of queensland in Innisfail in the 501. Eventually I would like to reqruit nothing but novas class. So fellow assassins, some help would be gratefully appreciated, first i guess in the sourcing of a complete suit or in bits over time, whatever, i am easy. Until we meet again. P>S. Acjay, is your TX designate then TX000.?

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