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New Shadow Scout Recruit


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My friend has recently purchased his long dreamed about storm trooper outfit and I've been looking more and more at the Shadow Scout.


It's time I think.


I've read everything on the rules and outlines for the 501 and I've done my research on where to buy the stuff as well (I am not gifted enough to craft these on my own I fear). Would anyone be willing to help me confirm if my online finds are good enough to pass and what else I might have to do??


Please let me know and I'm looking forward to being apart of the Spec Ops Detachment.

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Welcome aboard!!! I sent a little PM to get you started!


Oh and glad to see another recruit from Michigan, we need more Spec Ops out here (I'm tired of being the only one... :()!!!!




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Hey all thanks for the feeback.


These are the links I've been leaning towards (its hard to find shadow scout stuff)

This site for the main set http://www.studiocreations.com/howto/bikerscout/bike_armorforsale.html

And this site for any accessories I'd need to finish and pass http://www.stormtrooper-costumes.com/25,stormtrooper_accessories.html


Not sure on the boots, if anyone has any other links or conatacts that make Sahdow Scout gear please do not hold back.


The more info the better the costume in my opinion!

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AVOID Stormtrooper Costumes like they have a dose of the clap...


They sell overpriced useless tat and you'll just be wasting your money.



Jeff's set of armour will see you straight. It's a good solid bit of kit at a decent price. He's a stand-up guy so you can't go wrong there.


There aren't many others who pull stuff in black. Not stuff that I consider to be any good. Not your side of the pond at least.




Boots... make these yourself buddy. You'll save a packet, and if you're pretty handy with a sewing machine you could be able to do most of the other parts yourself too.


If you check out this download....




It's a scout one I did a while back (bit outdated now), but it contains all the stuff you'll need to known.


The shadow scout or Storm Commando to give them their proper name are exactly the same, just the armour is black. So everything can be applied in the same fashion.


Hope this helps.

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