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Ghost Busters Nuclear Acclerator Wand Build

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Hey Guys, well since I have jumped into the world of costuming and making cool props, I thought to myself why not build one of my favorite things from the 80s... a Proton Pack.... well i have researched and OMG its another world, but its a good time to get in and so I did... Getting a right pack (not from ebay) is hard as they legit makers (not recasters) are in limbo as its winter and too cold to mold or make anything.... so for now, I started with the the Gun of the pack.. the neutrona wand!!!! Well this is as far as I got. I got it some cool SoCal guys. THe parts have been sources from everwhere though.


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LOL - Nothing Beats Vinz Clortho the Keymaster of Gozer ... And by hat you mean the inverted and heavily wired colander? Casue that would be awesome / hilarious!




edit: sorry - not meant to take off topic ... Post any updates Peter as I have a few friends who are looking at building packs as well.

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thanks everyone. I will post some more pics soon... the rest of the bits are coming in the this week.. As for lights and sounds... O YEAH.. in fact I will be purchasing the kit this Tuesday or Friday. Depends on the sellers needs. But its happening. I will be going more of a GB1 style pack, but a few GB2 parts or ideas may sneak in. The V-hook for example. No worries on the thread bi off topic, it not that hat is right one topic. :P The only thing I have learned about the GB world is not to buy from some Guy called Video Bob (tcbtexas) on the bay, as apparently he is a know recasters and blacklisted. So aside from that, I have used gbfans as my source for all info and some ebay for parts.

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Great start,


Im nearly finished my 2 packs, and ABS one for my son and a full fiberglass/ally one for myself. I dont think anyone could tell the difference, until you pick them up ;)


At the beginning, there is so much to take in, and there are so many individual pieces.


Which makers are you going with, for the pack/wand/sound and lights?


The worst part is fitting the electronics, can do your head in.





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Hey muppet and others. thanks for the info and glad to hear there are more ghostheads around. As for the Pack, I am still looking for a shell. No one is selling one right now, so its hard. I have thought about getting the VAC Shell from Studio Creations, but not sure. Its my first build and thought the VAC Shell would be more forgiving, and I would not feel as bad if I mess up versus a 400 FG shell. Whats your thoughts on it. Do you have any pics for us to see. ^_^ As for Electronics and sound I am going with CRIX (Heavy Props) Pack and Wand Lights as well as his sound board. Apparently its all plug in play, so we will see. I will be getting that before the shell as he is offering this month and taking payment like tomorrow.

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Will post up some pics ( after uploading some to my PB account)


I went with Crix's sound board, and R2Devo light kit. Its daunting at first, just working out what goes were, but once you research it, it makes sense afterwards. Im pretty happy with mine, sound and lights worked first time!! which surprised me even more.


My shell and ally motherboard came from a New Zealand maker. Its fiber glass and came in 2 parts. It needed a bit of work, it was thin in places and had to add extra glass to strengthen it. Being in 2 pieces also made for more work.


The ABS shell came from D42. I also used a sheet of ABS for the mobo as well. Trying to keep the weight down as much as possible. It comes in 2 pieces as well, just like SC's one. SC doesnt come with a bumper. D42 comes with the bumper and Ion arm. But i didnt like it so used Nickatrons


For the wands, i purchased 1 kit from Nickatron and 1 from MMM (multimediamayhem) Now Nickatrons is more accurate but was a more work and it a little smaller internally, fitting the lights and sound is a bit of a pain. You also need to purchase extra threads and bolts for fitting.

MMM was sooooo much easier. It came with everything you need!! I wished i bought both from him.


If i was to purchase a new shell, i would definately buy 1 of Nickatrons new ones. Have a read of his builds.


Make sure to sign up for emails, when GBFans restocks bits, try and purchase the repro fittings etc, so much better then the resin bits.


Will try and upload some pics












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VERY COOL MUPPET.... Why do I get the biggest smile when I see videos of Proton Packs fully working... Its like it get all gitty... :P


My guess is the ABS one is the one in the middle. You can see some softness on the Cylytron Rings... but honestly I was LOOKING for it, had I not known, I would not be able to tell.


Intresting info on the Throwers.. but good info.. I think I will be going with one of Nicks Proton pack shells. I have spoken to him vie e-mail and its looking like around 600 for the full pacakge all parts included.. I just have to piece it together... I will be broke on the side of the streets begging for money.. BUT HEY... I will have a proton pack. :P

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spot on!!


Nicks shell has more bits cast into it.


If you need any pointers, just ask, while its still fresh in my mind :)


I liked MMM resin clippards, the even come with a working screw on them!! and he provides the bolts and thread inserts for it.

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