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Woodchuck's Weir belt boxes


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pretty yeah... but $175!!!


That's about half as much as a set of armour. Far too expensive for what they are if you ask me.


One day... when I complete the Colonial Marine, the Snowie, various bits to the Sea Trooper and the possible Swampie... I might just do them.

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The things Woodchuck creates are really cool. He is a bit pricey, but I know his DC-15 is a work of art. Those look pretty nice. We just need Chef to offer his awesome wares and armor over here in the US. ;)

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It's always available Jim...


But the trouble is the exchange rate and shipping. By the time it gets to you, it's not competitive. So i tend not to, unless someone really really wants it.


For instance, what's MonCal Armour... $400? By the time that gets over here with shipping, import duty and VAT, it'll be about £400. My armour is £350, so works nicely.

Do the reverse, £350, plus £40 shipping to the states, that's £390, that's $615, without any import duty or VAT which you might have on top... No contest really. And that's exactly what I tell people who ask.


Shame really... and I can't see me moving to the states any time soon.

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