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new Magma Trooper

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Hello all right now i'm waiting on results of my submission for my IC / RP with my garrison and JRS working on TIE fighter soon white hero TK and now Magma since i like red a lot and no one in our garrison has one i bought a garrison members old TK kit and got a ATA helmet kit there is a guy in our garrison owns a paint and body shop who is going to paint it according to the CRL then i'll have to submit for approval i'll pst pics soon as i can so many irons in the fire ( pun intended ) lol :thumbsup:

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Hey xanthis, glad to see you over here! Good luck with your current submittal! I so can't wait to see how your magma turns out, I've heard really awesome things about Eddie's painting skills. Looking forward to trooping with ya!! :)

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Talked to the painter now just waiting on taxes schedule vac going to help with the process to cut down cost + the cool factor of documenting it to post i also have a pair of Jodphur style boots has a brown patent finish came from england originally i bought off ebay that just so happens to be the same company they bought the orginal style boots from F......G cool right going to get him to paint them a latex red

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i have a red canvas belt for the plastic belt to attach to it i;m going to have to shim the armor anyway after the test fitting will that disqualify me for specialist i bought a E-11 hasbro mod since i'm on a budget right now i'll check to see if it meets the specialist criteria if not people in my garrison can help me tweak it

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Hasbro E-11 can be modded to meet specialist requirements, but keep in mind, blasters are always optional. One of the keys is making sure you have the correct number of T-tracks with lower row open and ensuring you have the proper holes. So, to answer your question, you will have to modify the E-11 to meet the specialist blaster requirements, but your armor can be specialist without a blaster. I know, its a little funny.

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ok cool so what about the belt it's not all plastic i'm attaching the plastic part to the canvas will that disqualify me for specialist my bucket is ata i bought hero ears and hero decals filling in some of the teeth indents to give it a hero face imo i don't like the stunt look

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If I'm not mistaken, it doesn't matter for specialist if the helmet is hero or stunt, although I do believe most around here have the stunt look. However,


* Belt must be made of a glossy material to closely match the shine of the armor.


It would be nice if you could post some pics of the canvas belt you have before you do any attaching of the actual plastic belt face, and the staff can tell you whether or not it will be acceptable.


- Master Tej -

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ok thanks i didn't think an all plastic belt would work being that part is loading bearing especially if you have a heavy blaster then add the constant swaying of the holster eventually you'll get stress cracks my engineer part of me rattling on lol :laugh1:

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I use a patent leather belt. These are easily available in red on eBay. It is stronger than my canvas TK belt, and IMHO it is one of the things that separates us from our TK brethren.

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