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Oh oh...maybe?

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Ok, this isn't a "TX" question really but I get more responses here then on the fisd forum. So, I bought a sandtrooper armor for the misses, she is a tiny thing, 5'1 and 110 pounds wet, so I was trimming the guanlets and I believe I trimmed to much off of one. I trimmed straight to the actual armor on both sides becuz of her small arms. In other words, the part that u would usually put the Velcro to piece the two together is no longer there. :-(

Can I glue the two together and still get her accepted since it won't be circular and more "diamond" shaped or do I have to try to find someone to sell me the guanlet?

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Just wondering if you can post a few pics so we can get a better idea of what is going on ... That way any advice would hopefully be more on point.


PS - Don't Panic ... yet ;)


EDIT: looks like great minds think alike ... but have drastically different typing speeds ...

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A photo would help to assess this. Let me know if you need forearms. I know just the guy.

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You have a couple of things to try before starting over. First, you could try using a heat-gun to reshape the halves so that they are more round. Second you mentioned Velcro in an earlier post, but the forearms really should be glued on both sides. Having said that, if you use cover strips, you could glue the two halves together with some For Sale sign inside then glue the cover strips on the outside. Of course, if you're not using cover strips on the rest of the armor, then it would be inconsistent to use them on the forearms. Let me know if you need new forearms and I'll send you a PM.

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