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Who's bucket???

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Hi everyone. I have been considering purchasing some AM Blackhole trooper armor but I have been told to purchase a bucket from another vender. I have been told to try AP and I also have been told to try ATA. I want it to be black and completely set up and ready to wear. I do want to install some electronics. That would be great if the builder of my bucket could install it too or at least have the bucket ready for them to be installed. I found an interesting video showing some one doing it (there is a link). I don't know if there is an updated procedure or tech for doing it. Anyway I just want it to be right as well as comfy and affordable for trooping and 501st acceptance. Any and all help and suggestions are welcomed. If you could add the venders contact info and how to use it that would be great. Thanks for everything guys hope to hear from you soon!!! may the dark side empower us all!!! http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/20304-helmet-upgrades-wireless-amp-external-sound-pickups-fan-padding-and-more/

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AM and ATA are both good buckets, if you want to go the easy way, you still can find some MR on ebay. About the electronics, it depends mostly on want you want to put in, mine has a couple of old CPU fans that run on a 9V batt and that's it.

I have a Rex and some time ago a friend had a problem with his costume and he used it, when I got it back 3 weeks later, as a "thank you" gift, he has installed a mic, an amplifier and an small walkie talkie in it (and still have plenty of room inside.

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Try an Arakyel. I'm not sure, when it comes to having electronics installed, what Arakyel does with his buckets, but they are absolutely top notch. http://forum.specops501st.com/index.php?/topic/1366-fs-at-anh-stunt-buckets/ - Master Tej -


I (and others) have this helmet. It's awesome and Chris does a fine job. :)

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I'm in the eFX ... I like it. But i got in on the pre-order so paid a decent price.


Aside from look, also take into account size - For us large "brained" individuals it is a real concern ;).


Izzi's post (link below) give a nice size comparison but Araykel's bucket isn't in the size chart. I'd guess at a medium to large from what I've seen but that is a guess.


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