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Another Novatrooper Variant?!?!

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So somebody tried out the Star Wars:Galaxies Emulator the other day, look what I found when I stepped out of the starport. SWG's fantastic name generator has it listed as a Storm Commando (even thought it is next to a true Storm Commando). I'll see if I can find another one and see what the name is.







Interesting, huh?




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i love it! id consider painting that (or most likely grey vinyl wrap) on my armor, although if there was a crl made for it i would hope we could use grey pauldrons with it, the orange looks like ish.


why dont we come up with a name for it? nova specialist, maybe nova commando or something.

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This is an interesting development. I wonder if there are other sources we could find for this costume. Great discovery Ty!

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More photos (these guys are more common than Nova Medics!!!!) They're still called Storm Commandos though.



Also found one called TL-017, he doesn't have a pauldron!




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Well I checked around to find some more info on TL-017, Wookieepedia does calls him a Novatrooper. Unfortunately I couldn't converse with him in game (the emulater hasn't gotten the content he's associated with working yet) to confirm this.


I might have to get some parts soon........................




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Unfortunately, there are no other references to this trooper. Like the Nova Medic, he exists only in the game.


Not sure if this explanation will help either, but I'll throw it in anyway :)


Basically what this emulator is is a new launcher to a private server (as opposed to the official servers, which have been shut down of course). In order to install the launcher and log on to the server though, you need to have an official Star Wars: Galaxies client from Sony Online Entertainment (which I never uninstalled). The servers basically tell your computer what to spawn and where (of course that's a vague description). So even though the official servers have been shut down, all of the original, unaltered game data like the trooper models and textures are still on my computer. B) Again not sure if that will help us out, but here's the picture on the wiki that was added on Feb. 6, 2011, before the game closed later that year in December. Just another shred of evidence to hopefully help us out!




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After reading about TL-017, here's my theory about him and the Novas.


They are completely a seperate class from all the Shadow Scouts, Shadow Stormtroopers, etc. As a Nova, the lowest ranking ones we currently know about have black, silver painted armor, like TL-017. Higher ranking ones have Gold painted armor in the same pattern as him, and possibly a pauldron. Finally, the highest ranking ones are the Nova Elites, and get special equipment, such as backpacks and exclusive blasters. Nova Medics are included in the Nova line as special, maybe elite, medics.


Again, this is nothing more than idle speculation, just an idea.


-Master Tej -

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Gotcha izzi.


I found another place that has some pics of TL-017 on a forum (along with some other Spec Ops goodies!!), with a date of June 8, 2011, before the game closed. Click me!! Other than that and the wiki image, there isn't too much else out there on this trooper. :(

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