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Were can I find a kit so I can start building?

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welcome, and PM incoming.


As a general rule we don't post information about who makes what and how to contact them on the forums.


Also please feel free to pop your head into the "report in" area and post a quick "hello" ... Don't worry the "report in" title sounds a bit more regimented then it actually is ;).


EDIT: you'll probably have a tonne of questions as well - construction techniques, which helmet, etc. As they come up please feel free to read over the forums as there is a tonne of info, and please ask any questions. And again welcome to the family ;).

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via PM I think we have gotten you off and running. In the meantime I have some major advice: READ. I like researching, but I wish I had done so much more when I was starting out. It would have saved me a lot of time, frustration, and money to have done not only my homework, but all the extra credit as well :) Read every thread here about Shadow Stormtroopers. As the armor is more or less a black stromtrooper, I encourage you to lurk around whitearmor.net, the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment as well. There's a ton of information there and dozens of detailed build threads.


This is an amazingly supportive detachment. There are no stupid questions here, so please ask away.

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What Izzi meant to say is, 'Have you bought a kit? How is the build going? Still just researching? Any questions, just let us know'. :D


Yeah, where ya been? Where have I been? What he said above! :teehee:

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Hey... I think he stole my laugh... Are you allowed to steal my laugh? ;)


Didnt steal, but created it in the dark whilst eating thine own choclatey wombats of infinite doom. Plus you dont have as many ah ah ahhs at the end. :verymad::angry: .......... :P

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I don't want to hijack this thread but I also didn't want to make a new topic asking the very same question. So if you guys and gals could please pm me the same advice on Shadow Trooper kits. Im 6'1 220 so a bigger set is def preferable. Thanks in advance.

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Yep, another rookie with the same question... Seeking a Shadow Trooper armor!

Are we basically looking at the same sellers from the FISD board as not many seem to sell the black armor and ATA has an 8 month waitlist.


Any messages would be greatly appreciated guys... I'm in Australia too btw!

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