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Need some opinions on TX armor...

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So I got connected (via another 501st member) with a guy who was interested in parting with some ATA armor for a black trooper, and after playing mail tag and requesting photos multiple times, he sends me these tonight... the picture quality is not the best, but I need to know what everyone thinks? I had to combine them in photoshop, or I would have taken up the whole page with pictures... LOL










Since you guys are the experts, you'll know better about what's there (and potentially not there)... just want to make sure before I get too excited...

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ATA is great armor. Overall this just really roughly-trimmed. It's hard to say from these photos, but I think that the crappy trim job is just on the flashing, and you don't need that. Could we see the larger photos?

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And this is just a personal opinion but it looks like someone has been recasting (casting off another set of armour) again only my opinion ... it looks really iffy.


The chest piece looks exactly like an AM chest only with all the lines being less sharp. Also looks like some of the pieces have been heavily trimmed ... the back piece for instance should wrap around the body a bit more, as wit the chest.


If you're looking for good Armour from a good maker then send a pm to the detachment armorer or check out the "for sale" item in the junkyard - "for sale ABS AM Shadowtrooper kits".


Pics just look a tad iffy ... again just my opinion, and hey I'm the merch guy ... so take that for what it's worth ;).

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Hmmm ... I really don't like the plastic at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock around the 'O' in the OII as it look raised, and the O doesn't look very sharp ... but again just a merch guys opinion.

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Oh good. since you didn't make it I can be honest :D I hate it. Belt looks like ish fibergkass those Chinese recasters make. It looks like somebody recast an ata with am torso and knee plate after they trimmed them and did a crap job. It would probably look better in white. Black shows everything, in a bad way.

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cut it, trim it, smack it, flip it, rub it down, oh noooooo.lol just kiddin. def a recast. whats his price and are you willing to go the distance to make it right? whats the worst that could happen, if you dont like it you could make it into a hybrid black death trooper....WOW.

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Personally I wouldn't buy it ... Again just my personal opinion ...


There are a tonne of great makers out there that can supply you with a kit for really reasonable prices. And if you're looking to make a death trooper then politely ask a known maker to see if there are any "seconds" available - a bad pull, or mis-shaped piece. Some makers will have a few kicking around that they may give you a price break on.


Again just my personal opinion.

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I agree with everyone else, I would avoid this set of armor. Too many red flags for me. No belt (the one that goes around your waist), crappy trimming (ATA is trimmed much better), Thermal Detonator endcaps look very soft (same thing with the back like ELP mentioned) and there also appears to be what looks like half of an AM thermal detonator (the back half). All tells it me it is probably recast and not a true ATA kit.


Stick to those sellers I sent you a while ago!!




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I agree 100% with those that have said it looks recast. It was my first thought when I read your first post. The level of detail is not there as it should be. The devil is in the details, as they say, and you can clearly see it in the areas that should have sharper edges and they appear much more rounded.

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Doug - Thanks for the reply. And please don't take any of the comments personally ... We're all just pretty unimpressed that someone would try to sell that pile of plastic as anything other than a pile of plastic.


Thank-you for taking the initiative and asking!

Hope to see you in Armour soon ;)


PS - This is also why we strongly caution making any purchases on eBay ... while there is a good vendor or two out there most sales can and will turn out to be more trouble then they are worth.

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Well, I wanted to ask the people who would know better than me... it sounded like a great deal, but if it's a great deal for crappy armor, then it's not worth it... I'd be spending more to get REAL armor eventually... If I'm going to do something, I want it to be quality...

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You guys will be glad to know that I found out the identity of this seller, thanks to a connection in my local garrison... turns out this guy has a reputation as a recaster and sells his stuff on eBay... I thought they tried to run those guys out of the Legion if they were recasting armor?

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The Legion doesn't support recasting, but we're also not the "recaster police" We do charity work, it's not up to us to tell members what they can or cannot do on their own time. Even if we don't approve.



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