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Cutting the Cod should I, shouldn't I, and if so How

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Hi sorry to bother you guys , but I just dont want to get this wrong where exactly do you cut the cod when seperating it from the ab plate on the thread im using to help me to build my kit the guy cuts the cod and leaves about 3/4 inch on each side but meets flush with the AB plate in the middle

what would you do thanks steve

Also should I or shouldn't I cut it if I want to get into the Specialist program



By the way this is for my AM TX build

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But is the pic where you should cut it or is it different for everyone .......should I have the belt first or the kit finished then do it , coz once its done theres no turning back

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my co-GML Daetrin is the founder of FISD. He bristles anytime this discussion comes up. I always thought he might be overreacting, but I have TK-style armor on several costumes, and I can tell you that it makes no differences from a mobility standpoint for me. I've only ever had to go the bathroom during a troop once, and it was a pain either way. The danger you can run into cutting the cod is the dreaded "happy face" in which the cod pops-out from under the belt without you knowledge presenting a silly smile above your groin. Something to consider.

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You sure can and that is the way to do it. From a mobility stand-point, I don't think it is huge, from a sitting or leaning sit standpoint, it is a pic difference. Cod uncut, no real sitting. Cod cut, much better sitting options. From a bathroom stand-point, I also think things are a big easier. Unsnap between the crotch and lift. The problem is, if the rest of my armor is on, I cannot resnap the crotch myself, so need help there. That is what wives/husbands are for.

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Ok thanks all you guys for your great input


I have decided that I will test fit the chest and AB plate and see if I am missing out on any significant detail on the ABs if i leave them attached to the cod, if I am I will cut it then cut some off the cod so i can lower the AB plate slightly, If Details are all still visible in one piece I will leave it alone and see how i go, I figure it will be a relatively easy update in the future should I change my mind. I know some of you might be thinking why doesnt he shorten the chest, if details are missing, its because I don't want too lol, that baby fits me perfect out of the box . Guess it all comes down to individual body shape etc

Well back to work with the build .


Again many thx guys

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Wow .. never knew it was such a point of contention ... As to specialist - you don't need it.


Hope this helps Steve ... Thanks for posting!

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Ah yes...the in-famous "pee mod" topic. I agree with the fellas above and with Toddo...when you got to go, it's a pain no matter what you have going on. So far, I have learned to drink fluids early on, get rid of them before suiting up, and then don't drink much while in costume. I do like your mod though, very creative and I hope it helps out when the "time" comes. ;)

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Yep and Master Tej this is how I will reconnect the the AB plate to the cod should I end up cutting it



I will see if I can grab a pic of the inside of mine. I actually used 2 inch wide canvas and put it on its side with snap plates along the edge where the armor meets. I like it's hold better, but that could just be me.

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Image was waaay too big to post. But this is what happens when the "cod goes rouge".. you end up elbow deep in your friends' nether region trying to fix it. Yeah.. that happened. Be mindful of your cod strap boys!! LOL

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I will see if I can grab a pic of the inside of mine. I actually used 2 inch wide canvas and put it on its side with snap plates along the edge where the armor meets. I like it's hold better, but that could just be me.

That would be great steve your set up sounds easier to set up and maintain, if you cant find the pics, you wouldnt be able to take a couple would you

Reg ards stev




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