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Source for black boots...

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Those would work, not too bad of a price either. Here's some others.




http://www.tackwhole...oot-p-3183.html (these ones come already glossy)




http://www.ralphlaur...rentPage=family LOL. If only armor could print money.


There. Hope I got most of the good ones.


- Master Tej -

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UPDATE: So I've been holding off as long as possible on buying boots, just to make sure I find the right deal... I was going to go with the Bass Amsterdams, but I missed my shot at getting them for around $45... they haven't come down in price again, and that's been about a month and a half... I've looked at the Barnstormers site again, and it looks like the "Woodstock" Jodhpurs are no longer available, but now they have "Wessex" Jodhpurs... would these work? Picture is brown, but they come in black:




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Just as an update, I got my boots in the mail... they look pretty sharp to me, but I'm no expert... the style is right, no extra markings anywhere... the quality seems pretty good, and they fit great... if anyone needs a new pair, I would definitely recommend... I think I paid $43 shipped from the UK... even if it's for a backup pair, you can't beat that price...







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