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Finally Sent My Submission Pics

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Looking good.

From the other Shadow Stormtroopers that i have seen submitted, you will need to remove the silver from the det, and you may be asked to work on your left thigh to make it more rounder, a common problem with FX armour, But as Michel has said, need brighter pics.

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I am ready to troop with the 501st.


Have a look at Muppet's pics and then have a look at yours and mine. Ours are both a bit too dark. I know the excitement of "ok, it's done let's get it on and take some pics"; the challenge with these kits is that the details don't show up except in very good lighting.


So really there are 2 things you can do - take the pics outside (or literally under a strong light source - like in the kitchen, and hang a sheet if you need to for a plain background), or if you're pretty good with a camera and standing very still adjust the camera settings for a bit more exposure and the details will pop out - It does tend to wash the picture out a bit so it took us a lot of fiddling. And you might need a "helmet off" shot.


From what I can see it looks pretty good! And it looks like you've done a lot of trimming on the thighs ... well done - that takes a bit of courage.


Wait to hear from Iz, or one of the other "big wheels down at the cracker factory" but you might need to shim the sides ... Not sure though.


Well Done and Welcome Aboard. Now that's 3 of us waiting to hear back from Mr. Spanos.

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Looks good to me from what I can see. You might want to move your drop boxes in some. Especially your left one. Side gap should be ok, I was approved with it, as well as the silver sticker on the detonator. What are the lenses? Silver or smoke, kinda hard to tell.

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Looks good.


I'd shape the bottom of the thighs a a bit so they aren't so oval and more round. The LMO has held approvals for proper fitting of the thighs. Might involve just putting the velcro on at an angle (if you used velcro) to bring the bottom of the thigh into a tighter circle than the top.


The chrome strips on the thermal detonator shouldn't delay a TX approval anymore than a TK. However, technically they shouldn't be there and the canister is straight black.



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Easy way to shape the thigh, bring a large pot of water to the boil, large enough and deep enough to allow the lower part of the thigh to be submerged. You only need to hold it in the boiling water for 15-20 seconds, pushing the thigh piece together to give the front a more rounded shape, then as soon as you remove it from the boiling water, place under cool water, or a pot of cool water. It will retain the shape. Best to try it a little at a time, to get the right rounded shape.


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