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Details on the helmet

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Hello everyone. In my prior post I mentioned I just got the helmet. Should the elevator bolt covers remain great or pain them black. Also the aerator should be a c0ontrating black tot he helm correct? Like maybe a flat black or something?

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make all of your details flat black and you can't go wrong.

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All the details on the lid should be a contrasting black to the main helm.


For preference, I like to have the main bucket and armour painted in a Satin Black paint, and then all the detailing areas such as the snout and bolts in gloss black.


Obviously if you go for gloss black for the main armour/lid, then you'll want a Satin or Flat black for the other parts.



Mike at TrooperBay does a real neat set of Storm Commando decals, you have to ask him specially for them, but they are satin, with gloss details on them. Really good looking on the lid.

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