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How to - Add Rear Drop Box Covers to you TX Armor

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How to add Shadow Trooper/ Storm Trooper Rear Drop Box Covers


Things you will need

1 – Front Cover Drop Boxes (come with your Kit)

2 – Drop Box back Covers – You can get them here! - http://www.whitearmo...ner-drop-boxes/ - They are sold by trusted seller KWDESIGNS.

3- 1in Black elastic straping.

4 – E-6000 or 3M Super Adhesive glue

5- Dremel tool with Cutter and Grinder / Or cutting tool of some sort!



Step 1 - Ok so you just got your backings for the drop boxes from kwdesigns as you want to take the next step to making your Armor to next level and need to add them to your drop boxes.


Here is what a back drop box cover looks like next to the front one.




AS you can see in the pics above, I have already used my super adhesive to connect a strap to the front box. I was not planing on using Drop Boxes at first, so thats I why I did that. (Sorry I did not take pics of that, but working on getting some.) Well I hcanged my mind and that Its not very hard,


Step 1 - Center the strap on the middle of the drop box (the front ones, from the back) and glue in place. I would leave the strap a bit long at this point so that you can trim later to fit your needs as needed. If you leave to short, and its not right; trying to take the glue off is almost impossible. (Skip this step if you want the straps glued on the BACK of the Rear Drop Box and not the front ones like in the pic above.


Step 2 – Ok now test fit your back cover to the front cover. (Note the back cover lips go on the INSIDE of the front cover lips). The thing you will notice from the start is two things. The new rear drop box Flares out from the back and has a lip. This is so that they can be trimmed to fit any style of Drop box from any kit, except for RT kits.



Step 3 – Once you have determined what you want to cut off, then we can go ahead and start to mark the areas we want to cut. I used blue painters tape to make my marks easier to see. Using a dremel or cutting tool cut of the areas not in blue tape.




Step 4 - Now after we cut the excess fit, make sure fitment is good. You may notice that the strap gets in the way. So at this point you may want to cut a part of the top part of the back cover to allow the strap to slip through both boxes once they are connected. Like so.







If you have not glued the straps on first, (Skiped step 2) then your Rear Box should fit like the pics below. Note if you go this route, you will glue your strap to the back part of the rear Drop Box (from kwdesigns) and will need to center it from there. Remember to leave enough strap to have enough to length for your fitment of how low you want the drop from your Belt. (if anyone out there reading this has a pic of this set up, please PM me so I can add to this TUT. You will of course get credited for your assistance.)






Step 5 – Now lets test the fitment of how far we want the drop boxes to fall down from your Ammo belt. Here I am looking at where the best place to put my boxes and how long I want them to drap down.






Step 6 - Once you find your spot, glue in place. Use Glue on the Strap and place on the ABS belt and hold in place. Repeat on both sides and you are done. You may want to scuff the ABS a little to help the glue stick on a bit better.


I hope this helps others out there. This is one thing to you can do to your armor and get it the next level.

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