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nova elite approved


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nova elite completed ..


working out a few bugs .. with the pack it doesnt wear like the shadow ,..,

it pushes the chest out and up .. so the helmet is against the pauldron ..

hard to see out , and virtually no mobility head wise ,,,


but worn it 3 times and again on next sat so little by little working it out ,







great fun ..

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Congratulations. Maybe some other Nova Elites can weigh in here, but I ran into the same problem with the helmet being pushed up by the pauldron on my Elite and my Incinerator. I didn't on my TD, so I considered the differences. Mainly, My TD was a well-used pauldron whereas my Elite and ICN used brand new pauldrons. I determined that the stiffness of the new pauldrons was the root cause of my helmet issue, so I went to work twisting and ringing the leather on the pauldrons to loosen them up. That has helped me considerably.

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i have been working on the pauldron , trying to loosen it up a bit ... im working on my incinerator as well ..


no conversion .. 2 full suits :) i am up to 5 tk suits well 3 -2 tx ;)


also trying my hand at magnetizing the ammo pouch , like i did for the chest box on the skytrooper build ?? well see

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i have been working on the pauldron , trying to loosen it up a bit ... im working on my incinerator as well ..


no conversion .. 2 full suits :) i am up to 5 tk suits well 3 -2 tx ;)


also trying my hand at magnetizing the ammo pouch , like i did for the chest box on the skytrooper build ?? well see


I just zip-tied mine to the chest plate.

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yes ive always done them backwards .. on my other suits and my paldron is left and my e-ll is right on my shadow and tk also -- but i have switched them around now



but re doing the nova to try something .. that may help ..

i Chicago screwed magnets with holes in them inside the ammo pouch . then inside the chest i did a snap kit of sort with magnets . it holds well but i did Velcro in 2 spots .. to keep the 4th end- tiny pouch against the plate .... works good

i shortened the attaching belt so i can still use it on my other heavy gunner costume .. and soon to be incinerator (will be magnet as well )

the strap gives it the look of function(and it wont fall of if bumped to hard it will just move back ) but the magnets add the lack of movement and security ..


i think i have figured out the helmet being pushed up as well ..

being the king of over kill and over complication ,,,


i have taken the pack and velcro'd the back plate into it so its now one piece and cant move or fight against itself .. and then attached the straps at the top to the pack straps and to the top of the back plate and the strap floating between the chest and back ..where the plastic top strap goes so the plastic isnt load bearing


i bit confusing on paper ,,, but basically once the ab/butt back plate and the lower half is on ,,, and i connect the suspenders for the ab/back --

i now have to slide my arms through the pack straps (chest and back connected ) and my head up through the head hole ..

reach under the now floating chest piece and hook the pack straps together via a buckle under the front chest .. let the chest drop down ( almost like a carnival ride when you lower the bar down on yourself from above) and i hook the velco -elastic across the sides like a normal chest and back ,,,,,, then the top plastic tk straps are velcro i just reach up and pop them on and im in tight .. even with the pauldron on i can see out of the helmet comfortably now .. with the ammo pouch now pitched forward i can move my headleft and right and see out right ,,still not much up and down but eh .i mainly wanted to be able to see so i dont fall or step on anyone under veiw height .



but i had to remove the thermal as the pack sat on it and wouldn't allow it to drop and sit right ( tds don't have them i believe ... and with the pack on you cant see it anyways ...




the only issue to tackle is my side plates hit the lower pack straps .. so i may need to notch out a 1"square for them to sit in ?

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well everything is good ,, now all parts sit well .. i may need to pull the hard hat liner out of nova and go foam like in the shadow ,


and the shoulder bells kept detaching due to the Velcro not sticking ,, apparently to mush weight .. easy fix ... add a second snap like the shadow and have the velcro sewn to the strap . and it should be good to go ,, all my issues have been nailed down ,, wears really well im pretty sure i could do 8 hrs in it .

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that im not sure , shes fairly new about a year maybe her name is nicole vanbrooker ,, but an excellent trooper and fantastic spokeswoman for the legion and our garrison .. not to mention just an all around great gal .who parallels kristen avera actually who is in R.P. in the photo kristen is ALSO a spec ops member and doing a shadow trooper ... weve so many fine female troopers in the midwest garrison ,, i dont have enough fingers,and toes to count them all ... our x~ xo is now lco ourx~co has at least 4 costumes 501st /rl... and our new co bean has a spot on centurion tk on fisd or whatever they do ..over there :)


nicole also is a budding seamstress she made that juno entirely on her own , and ANOTHER MEMBERS COMPLETE darth revan soft parts ... these ladies are a definite asset to the mwg for sure !!


my girls are following their footsteps . in a full sand trooper and the other has started a scout ;)

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