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My Boba Fett Project

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So I've been working on this for a very long time and finally got the parts to finish.


Just wanted to hear a feedback from you guys.





















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It is, I just would like to have more time to work with it. I usually only a go at the project at nights besides the time it has taken me to get the budget to purchase the parts I need. When I started I thought that I might be able to build it from scratch, but the project made me realize otherwise soon after.


This will be my 5th attempt to get it done and Legion Approved...and to be honest with you, I had no idea this thing was so complicated, and if you ask me, it has to be one of the most complicated builds on the entire roster of characters for the legion.


Thanks for your reply!


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Nice project indeed!


The Fett takes a lot of love, commitment and swearing ;).


Good Luck Brother!

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Specially with the swearing part of it!!!


I guess we are all kind of masochistic in our own fashion...but once I can wear the thing in will be worth it.


Thanks bro!


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Updates. I mounted the Jetpack with its harnest.


Tmorrow I will work on the armor.






I have to put some snap botons to the back plate to keep it in place.

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This is the first trial and error phase, need to adjust the chest plates so they are closer to the flak vest when you look at them from the sides. Moving velcro to be closer to the edges and heating up the plates a little bit to bend them.







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Finished one glove, and replaced the velcros on both of them. This one of the things I thought I could do myself to save a little $$.




Do any of you have a suggestion to dirty up a Flak Vest???

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That is my only concern with a "new" Fett ... Some troopers really like them looking "showroom" clean but I think the over all look is so much nicer when it's worn in and a bit dirty.


A guy in our garrison just let the vest accumulate wear and weathering naturally but not being overly careful when he got dressed, wearing out to garden in, etc. and being very careful when cleaning (rarely) to make sure he didn't take the natural dirt off.


Having said that I weathered a tabard for a Knights Templar by using tea - there is a post on the RPF about it (by no means comprehensive but somewhere to get you started):



and based on experience I personally don't see the tea as having eaten away at any of the material ... It looks filthy, nasty and Fantastic all at the same time!

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matt tea has been used as a dye for a long long time it's actually not a new concept


Exactly. Wasn't claiming the idea, just saying what I've used, and that it worked well.

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I'll try the paint and water for the jump suit and the tea with the flak vest. I actualle used a rubber glove and spayed my hand as a start on the jump suit, but I like your ideas better.

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Gloves ready.




And so is the suit!!!


Need to add the chest lights but that will have to wait. A little more weathering and we shall see what happens.



















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Yep. I removed the plastic stock and made a wood one to try and match the lenght of the props. I hope to buy me a real prop in the future but I guess this will do while I get the cash for that.



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