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Magma Trooper Help

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Hi Everyone


I was hoping to get some information on the boots and how to get them the correct shade of red to match my armor.


My armor is being sent and once I receive it I will post pictures.


I also had a question about the neck seal,pauldron as well as the blaster and gloves.


Neck Seal and pauldron are those availble to purchase or is making it better? Also how?


I have gloves for my reserve tie pilot but I am unsure if those gloves would be good to use and if I should purchase new ones and where?




The blaster I have been on all kinds of sites looking for and I am unsure if the year matters. I found some on e-bay even though I think they are overpriced but are older versions. I am having a hard time finding any it seems they stopped producing them?

I know the mod kit to come from doopydoos as I am modifying a DL44.



Any help will be apperciated,

Thank you


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I am going to let the experienced Magma's chime in here, but I have heard of troopers using auto vinyl paint, but there will be trial and error getting the right match. I suggest using a spare piece of boot like material to test on.

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shoulderpauldron.com has inexpensive pauldrons yeah i know some have used automotive vinyl paint i had my suit and boots painted and clear coated with auto paint from a garrison member

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For the pauldron, I've never actually heard of anyone making one. I would recommend this site to buy a pauldron, but if you hunt around, maybe you'll find a tutorial! Who knows?




As for the neckseal, it comes down to a question of price. If price is not an inhibitor, then you might want to buy a neckseal for good quality. Yet again, I can't find the site I want!


If you're on more of a budget, then you could definetely make one yourself. Here's a great FISD tutorial (once again Pandatrooper, surprise surprise!) for making a neckseal. Sorry about not having website locations!




- Master Tej -

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that may help with some parts ;)


if i cant put that up then please remove .. ta mods :)


Darman on the clone forums makes neckseals too.


I havent found the correct shade, but there are shoepaints available.... on another note.. i just found out my blood is similar in shade to my armour... i wonder if blood red is a legit shade...


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Thank you everyone for your help, links and suggestions.


I will probably paint the boots myself once my armor comes and hopefully get it to match up.


I will probably go with getting the neck seal it will probably last longer. Plus it requires sewing and that just isnt my strong point.


Ya know i think our blood does match the color you have a very valid point.


Someboyd get him a medic lol :P

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www.shoulderpauldrons.com they are out of buisness they gave me a refund this morning so back to the drawing board.


So it seems the gloves i have wont work with this so i found a couple of them and wanted an opinon









that is a good question i hope someone can answer that for you

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Yeah I spoke to a friend of mine that does professional cosplay and gave me some good tips on getting the boots red with either using the white or black. I am hoping to do the qhite boots they seem to be a better way to start.

There are two types of paint that are very great for getting the colors you want for your boots. The first time is a flexible brush-on acrylic specifically made for leather-type fabrics called "Angelus." It can only be bought online but you can mix them to perfectly match the color you want. The other type of paint I prefer is a spray-on shoe painted called "Meltonian." Meltonian is sold at Dr. Shoe Repair at the University Mall and is also sold online. If you are going the Meltonian route, I recommend that you first strip the protective layer of the boot by rubbing it all over with an acetone cotton ball. To get a nice shiny finish, I recommend polishing it all off with Angelus High-Gloss, though you may not need it so just get it at your discretion.

And I would start with black if you are doing Angelus since it is more obvious what parts need more coats. Do white if you are going the Melatonian route.


That was the advice sorry its so long.

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On my boots, I use Meltonian NU-LIFE Color Spray that I buy at a local shoe repair shop. The color is 621 Bright Red.

I repaint mine about once/year. I started with some old brown boots I found on e-bay, used acetone to strip them, let them dry for a day, then painted them with the 621 Bright Red paint.

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I would offer more help but the truth is that izzi put my Magmatrooper together before I bought it from him. My costuming knowledge is very limited so if you have any specific questions I'd try to reach him.

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