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Possible all around part shop??

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I've never seen those guys. Also, their website says that armor parts are not available to the US, for whatever reason. Might not be the best choice, as you'd have to get a go-between person in another country to ship them to you.


- Master Tej -

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That's Andrew Ainsworth's site. He's the one who worked on ANH and won the lawsuit by LFL a few years ago. Part of the settlement was that he can't sell to the U.S. His quality is ok, but he is terribly overpriced for what he offers. In other words, look elsewhere.

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Yeah, AA is a touch overpriced for what you get.


There are people your side of the pond, but if you get stuck, contact RS PropMasters on here. They may or may not be able to sort you out... if you get my meaning.

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