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My Shins Gaurds Rotate when I walk


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Hi All.


We have a troop coming up in a while so I figured I'd give my kit a real test.


I walked around for about 2 hours yesterday and everything was great - no adhesive failures, no rubbing, not to much 'clicking' when I walk and I got my Ipod hooked up so I can play the radio chatter sound file.


My only concern is that both my shins rotate inward about 45 degrees. I had to re-set them about 5 times in an hour and then just gave up and focused on the rest of the kit.


My question: Does/did anyone else have this issue? And what did you do (if anything)?


My shins aren't overly tight, but they aren't loose. My challenge is I have thick calves (back to front) and the AM armour was tight fitting out of the box.


Currently my shin armour just sits on my leg - it's not attached to anything. I am thinking of either placing a snap on the boots and one on the inside of the shin piece to keep it in place, or is velco on the under suit a way to go (my under suit is spandex/lyicra so it's not the strongest)? Or maybe a 'collar' of sorts on the inside of the shin that goes around my leg and keeps the shin in place.


Any ideas or solutions?



Here's a picture of someone having the same issue (TK on the far left of the pic - the left shin):



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What suit do you have? I had that same issue on my TE2 suit, but I'm pretty tall (6'). In the end rather than trying to shape/shim them I ordered shins from RT and painted them to match. Problem solved, and I can do 8 hour days including running w/no issue.


I've tried the velcro route and all it ended up doing was...nothing. In the end your leg rotates and any binding will probably snap. The best long term is to get that shin to fit your leg.

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Daetrin - Thanks info and experiance. My wife has an RT suit and I've got the new AM (in Black). I'll try her shins and see what happens (she's also about 6 feet tall).


I'm 6'1" and the rest of the suit fit really well.


I'll let you know about the RT shins.

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ill try to get on ;later as i am going back to work from lunch


i too had this issue and have cured it also ..with some work ..



some velcro and a snap and a shim .. smile.gif

and no problems since ..not only did my shins turn so did my thighs

and my shins would pop out over my boots and now im good.... the boots were key ... but more later gotta go laugh.gif

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ill try to get on ;later as i am going back to work from lunch


i too had this issue and have cured it also ..with some work ..



some velcro and a snap and a shim .. smile.gif

and no problems since ..not only did my shins turn so did my thighs

and my shins would pop out over my boots and now im good.... the boots were key ... but more later gotta go laugh.gif


Yippee!! I can't wait - Thanks!


Cue the "your call is important to us, and we will be with you as soon as possible" holding pattern.


And I know what you mean about the boots, specifically the very top. They and the shins seem to not get along for me. Do you have the Amsterdam Bass as well?


My thighs seem to be fine though.

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I took a strip of air-conditioner weather stripping and just lined the back of the inside of mine. It hugs your calf and keeps the armor from moving. You can find it in half inch square and 1 inch square. Use which ever helps. I had to put a strip of velcro on it to get it to stay there btw. Hope that helps. :D

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Well I tried the weather. Strip also but sady as I'm fairly thin it didn't work for me


I used industrial Velcro to adhear a thicker foam inside my thighs around the bottoms and at an angle at the top ..

My shins I had the two issues they were tight and fit right on my legs thus causing them to spin and rise above the boots


So I used spare abs from the extra belt material ( fx kit)

and used itvto make shims !!

Which allowed extra room for the shins to stay down on the boot ( but they still ocasionally piped out and would still spin)

so since my boots have a tab at the top of the back of the boot

I added a snap to the tab . And the other side snap into the shim between the shin

then I took a small piece of elastic about an inch or less and put a male and female snap into it

so the elastic snaps to the boot then the other end snaps to the shim .

So I can walk and the shin can move up and down without piping out over the boot and getting stuck !!

On the front of the boot I added Velcro hook side and on the inside of the front of the shin I put the loop side

this keeps the shin inplace also keeps it from spinning left or right .


I have 3 sets of boots I have a squared off toe (axcess) I sewed Velcro on the sides and used industrial front and back !!

1st try 1st failure = A solid stay for the shim to the boot ' but did not really allow for comfort - or walking couldn't bend at the ankle or do stairs at all

but looked great ^ not praticle


2nd try. (deer creek ) great fit ' great look a tad dull even shined up

these I troop parades ( 4 or more miles ) in with the afore mentioned snap modifications

comfortable !!! Bendable, plyable, usuble. This modification works great for me ...

I haven't seen anybody else do it '

but I cannot be the first to have thought of it ?


And then I have a set of all black patent leather ca-boots

custom made for another garrison mate ( beautiful boots )

I wear. For cannon esque apperances

birthday parties and the casual event

not as comfy as the ( deer creek) but cannon and thin around the tops as the fit like reg TK boots

the juststay inside the shins on there own ??

I may add a Velcro hook square on the front as a just for good measure ???

I haven't decided.

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Whew 138 that's a tonne of info.


I'm in the same boat re: Weather stripping. The calves/shins were tight out of the box so I don't think weather stripping will do it, though we did that for my wife's forearms (worked like a charm).


I'll give the snap, etc. a try and let you guys know what happens. I've got time this week-end so I guess I know what I'm doin'.

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After walking around with only the shins and boots on I see the problem. I need the shins to sit right down on my ankle but the movement of the boot pushes them upwards and when the top of the boot gets below the shin pad my walking motion starts them spinning.


So I'm going to try 2 things 1) as has been suggested add attachments on the inside to secure the shin in position, and 2) using black Duck Tape TM tape (basically it's crafters Duct Tape) the top of my boot to my actual shin so as to avoid the "jacking" effect. We tried this out while wearing a pair of thin wool socks and it worked pretty well.


I'll get back after my first trial run. Thanks again for all the input.

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Yes that was my initial problem also ... I forgot to mention ..my boots are too wide around the ankle shoving them into the shin caused them to rise up while walking same as you..


I corrected this with snap straps.

The stretchy material on the boot at each corner at the top where the elastic starts I put snaps (both sides of the boots). Then I made 4 straps with a snap on each end ..


Then I just simply fold the learther togerther tucking the stretch back and snap on the straps. So when there on the boots are sinched around my anlkle . And my shin slides richt down snap in the back on the shim and boot tab, press down the front onto the velcro and I'm off to march a 5 mile parade !!



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Ok so here is what I did ... it may be over kill but it works.


I put a snap through the top of the elastic webbing of the boot above both ankles (the opening is huge so I have plenty of room without getting scratched) I then put another snap about 3 inches above this on the inside of the shin piece. These two are attached by a piece of strapping. I did the same in the back but with elastic - I cut the tab on the back of the boots, attached a snap and then one on the inside of the calf about 3 inches up.


It makes it a bit of a challenge to put on but for the comfort and fit an extra 30 seconds per shin is soooooo worth it.


I took my rig for a test drive tonight and it works like a charm and feels awesome ... even when running down the hall.


Thanks for all the good ideas all!

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Souds great I'm glad your fixed up !!


Yes I hear ya it is a bit of work to get my snaps on after I have my belts and thighs on but yes the comfort and no worring of parts below causing problems after being completly dressed,and not able to bend down and fix myself .


Is way worth the extra time !! Just for the piece of mind alone . Plus it befomes a fall hazard if the boots catch on the shins !!

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