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Coruscant Guard Interest

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Hi all. I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone out there that's completed a Coruscant Guard? It's been one of my favorite outfits since Shadows of the Empire came out. I'd love to be able to make one myself but I have basically 0 crafting skills. I need to find a way to change that somehow, eventually. Much love and respect for all that you crafters go through for these wonderful armors.

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Hi - There is a lot of information on this costume (coruscant senate guard) on the sovereign protector's forums (The Imperial Royal Guards) ...







But if you are referring to this costume:



The only one that I know of is hopefully still in progress, you can see the post here or over at the Dented Helmet:
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I read through that entire build thread. I would love to see one created! Maybe you could try making a different costume first, to get a handle on crafting, and then use those skills for this? Keep in mind, everybody here is more than willing to help with any questions about it you might have.


- Master Tej -

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I did mean the latter one. Oh, I know I'm not going to just jump into creating my own costume without any previous experience. Just wishful thinking. I'll work my way through eventually with this and all the other boards' help. Thanks!

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