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Elevator Bolts?

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Hi guys I am currently working on my MLC Helmet for my shadow scout. I have the bolts and fiberglass covers for them. But went to Lowes and found blackish 1/4 elevator bolts. I need to file down the square part at the base of the bolt for what I plan to use it for.


My question is I thought these were impossible to find thats why they have the plastic ones people use and the fiberglass caps like MLC provided.

Or are these ones i found not correct? They are non concaved and the top is totally flat. Here is a pic I snagged off their site I was in a hurry. lol







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Yeah, they're not bad... You'll need to cut the shank down obviously!!


The original used bolts as Jim says were the headband bolts from the 3M 9002 Speedglas series welding helmet. They are still available, but will mostly come in black now. They'll set you back about $5 a pair.


Not a problem, just paint them.


Ideally, you want the heads of the bolt to have a diameter of about 22mm.


The ones you've found seem acceptable enough. It is just a disc at the end of the day.


I use 10mm Coach bolts (square cup bolts, carriage bolts) and then grind the heads flat.


So if you can get the correct sized head, then I'd say those bolts are good.



Now all we need is the link!

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Yeah thats the one thing I think the diameter of the head is about 1/8 to big. The 3m bolts I got are gray in color. I cut one of those down and left a nub to attach to the head of the bolt that came with my MLC. I think once painted that might work good enough. I might also take the metal ones I have and grind the head diameter down a little.

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