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Items needed for kit building

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Hey guys, I was looking around the forums to see if I could find all the things i need to build my kit. The problem is that i can't find a complete list and some things are extra and what not. So what are the tools, extra items, and other stuff that I will need to bring my kit to life?


Another question: Is it easier to build a kit to specialist specs while making it from the beginning, or is it easier to make the kit 501st approved then go for specialist?

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It is far easier, cheaper, and more satisfying to build to the highest standard as opposed to converting later IMHO.


You will need:




Neck seal

Optional comm system







That is a start.

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Trooperbay, as far as I know, is mainly good for decals. They might have some soft goods, like undersuits or gloves, too. I would also recommend a dremel with a cutting wheel and sanding drum option. Sandpaper of varying grits between 360 and the highest one you can find (1000 if you got it.) And just be ready and willing to make lots and lots of trips to your local construction store!


- Master Tej -

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Oh, I didn't know TB did so much! In terms of gloves, some use rubber chemical ones, some use standard working ones, some use comfortable ones. They need to be completely black with no visible logos or designs. I don't know how screen accuracy comes into play with gloves, but I personally got a comfortable pair for a few more dollars.


- Master Tej -

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Remember that, so far, there is not such thing as an "screen accurate" because TX never made it to the screen!! :laugh1: :laugh1:


Not true, there is in fact one Blackhole at one movie (and I'm not talking about 501st DVDs)


Can you name the movie?

(clue: it got something to do with boys and fans!!)

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You'll also need sandpaper for roughing up the armor for the glue to stick to it.


I used Velcro attached to elastic for all my torso areas. Sand where the Velcro will attach to the armor.

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Hi gang!


This may be a total noob question but I'm a little confused so here goes...I have an ABS kit on back order. I am pretty sure it includes the helmet. Is that normal to get the whole kit or do I need to look at getting a helmet (aka bucket) elsewhere?


Thanks in advance for the advice.


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Thanks Tej!


I can't recall the persons name and have the contact info at home. I do know I got the info from the FL Garrison forums. I'll check tonight when i get home from work and post the info.



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Hi Tej!


Here's the info I received from the contact at ATA Works (ataworks@yahoo.com) regarding the ABS Kit:


Helmet kits are $130 plus shipping and include neck and brow trim, lens material, hardware to build it, and mic tips. No decals, sorry. Armor kits with a helmet are $520 plus shipping. The armor is pulled from a gloss ABS plastic which does not have to be painted, and everything is pulled in 80 gauge/2mm plastic. I also have sandtrooper kits available upon request. Black ABS suits are an option and are $540 plus shipping for a full kit, and red ABS suits are $560 plus shipping.


All prices are in US dollars. I don't take prepayments, so if your interested I can put you on a waiting list. I generally have helmets on hand and there is a seven month wait on armor kits.


Sample Images







Has anyone else used ATA Works? The guy, don't know his name, seemed pretty straight up about the kit and pricing. Does this look reasonable?


Thanks again for any advice.



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ATA!! What do I have to say about ATA?! I'll tell you what I've got to say about ATA!





He's a fantastic armor maker who I cannot recommend highly enough! I got my own armor kit from ATA, and could not be pleased more. he produces top notch work, and I give him an A+ rating as far as a user review goes.


That being said, the other users on here can tell you some actual things about ATA armor vs. other armors in terms of accuracy and materials. He's got fantastic reviews from the many members who use his kits, though, and those prices are the same ones he uses regularly, including for myself.


- Master Tej -

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