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Imperial Commando?

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Those are Republic Commandos I believe.

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I'm going to have to disagree on that point. The reason why there are no Imperial Commandos in the 501st is because of their differences. Here is how the armor is described in Imperial Commando: 501st. "The color was much like their old matte-black Katarn pattern plates, but there the similarity ended; everything about the shape, from helmet to chest plate to greaves, was just that bit different. It made Darman look like a stranger." (Traviss, 15-16)


The reason why this costume has never been attempted is because the differences are too great. There is only one reference pic, the orangish one above, that doesn't show enough, and the novel confirms the differences are too great for the Republic Commando armor to be used. I wish Traviss would just go on ahead and finish the series so that we could hope for more reference pics . . .


- Master Tej -

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Have you read the 4 in the Republic Commando series? They're pretty great novels, but there won't be a sequel, perhaps ever. Traviss and Lucas had a falling out over, to my knowledge, her pay and the Clone Wars representation of Mandalore, which she says conflicts with her pre-established one.


Quite frankly, the two could be reconciled, if it was written cleverly, and I think they both need to pick up off their sheb'se, make up, and get on with it, so that fans can finally have the concluding novel, which was supposed to be the sequel to 501st.


- Master Tej -

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