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After being approved for another costume a few weeks back, I'm now in waiting mode until it's my turn in the order for my ATA kit... he had mentioned when I contacted him that he offered helmet kits and usually those are a pretty quick turnaround, so I'm thinking of getting one and starting to work on that in the meantime...


So, a couple questions I was curious about:


-What is the consensus on the traps and tears with the TX? Painted or decals, and what color? I know the CRL leaves this open to interpretation to some degree, but I'm trying to do some comparing so I can see what *I* like best for my bucket... I see a few bucket pics in the WIP threads but a lot of them skip over the detailing part (other than the frown)


-What are potentially the biggest issues that come up with building the bucket? Just so I can keep in mind without having to search threads for specific things...

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I personally like the all black look except the frown and eyes. My frown and eyes are both silver but all the traps are unpainted and left black. However if you do choose to make them grey paint it, that always looks better than decals.


ATA buckets are very easy to build just make sure you don't overy-trim anything. Trim everything a little bit at a time until it looks right.

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