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Cleaning armor; a tip I learned

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Hi all! Just wanted to share this tidbit. Here in the South during spring an early summer it gets horribly dusty and pollen is everywhere My shiny Armor looked dirty after just a short while. In between events I took my armor off and did some research. Anyways here's what I found

With the armor being ABS a good thing to wash it with is car wash liquid!

I know crazy huh!

I used Black Magic car wash and it brings is to a mirror finish! Just make sure to use one f the microfiber sponges and it'll bring good results.


On a side note I also found Turtle Wax scratch remover works well lol


Hopefully this wasn't covered anywhere else and someone can benefit off this.


Have a good one!

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What if the armor was painted?

I tried applying Turtle Wax car polish to my painted helmet. No noticeable results, although it does seem to make my un-painted red armor look a bit better. I want my helmet to match the glossiness of my armor, but I have no idea how to go about doing that. I thought about applying some gloss clear coat, but I read that it's only compatible with flat paint. I used gloss paint, 'cuz I'm not that bright. :6:


How I'd go about the act of cleaning up a painted surface and removing imperfections...I'm not sure. Hopefully someone here can help us out

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There is always the sand and repaint option, but that has risks of its own.


I have also heard that using a fabric softner sheet can help repel dust and dirt. The liquid form, water down, can also work, so I have heard. When I tried it, it left a slight film that dulled the look of the armor. I end up with a major 'dust sticking to my armor' issue, so I am always looking for ways to repel it.

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