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Specialist question...

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So even though building my armor is still a little ways off while I'm on the waiting list, I'm trying to make sure I understand the specialist requirements... this part is the only thing that I'm just not able to "see" in the photos you guys have posted:


* Shoulder straps should not be attached with visible rivets or snaps, and may free float in the back rather than being permanently attached.

* Armor side gaps need to be closed. This should be done by adding a shim or shims of material that must be of similar material and color as the ab and back plate. Shims should fit flush and may have seams. Ideally they will be seamless if possible to the ab and/or back plate, resulting in a single seam between the ab/back rather than extra seams for where the shims are joined.


Please explain/offer photos for the newbie... LOL

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Hi Doug


* What it means is you have the option to have the back part of the Shoulder strap to free float or you can attach it the same as the front of the strap.


*With the sides of the armour if you have a wider girth and there are gaps on the sides between the kidney plate and the Ab plate you need to close these so there are no visible gaps.


If you go to the specialist area on this forum there are a few application photo's that you can view from some of our members which should give you a bit of a idea on what to expect if your going to submit your armour for the specialist program.


If you have Any more questions don't hesitate to post them here.

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Heres some pics of my recently built armor :D




Note correct six correct size side rivets left side




Note correct back of snap placement Right side


Also note both sides closed




Also note placement of correct cap rivets for right knee belt




and no visible rivet or join for sniper plate




Rear shoulder straps Free float but can be held with elastic like this




Front of shoulder straps glued in place like this (in my case with Black ABS cement ...........Thanks Peter)





Finished pic

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Yeah, everyone has a slightly different take but it's all similar. The idea is that the chest/back parts are connected, but the shoulder straps are setup to "float" as mentioned earlier. This is how the original Stormtrooper in the 1977 Star Wars movie were done. I have mine with elastic on the underside, then glued in the front, and free-float in the back. This also makes it easier to put the chest/back on.





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