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Here we go... DarthDyer76 TX ATA build

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I contacted ATA, and he was able to get me a helmet kit in lightning fast time! I just hope it isn't too much longer to wait for the BIG box to come... but anyway, I ordered late last week, and my medium box came in the mail today!




It's like Christmas!!



I'd like to say I didn't have a nerdgasm... but I did...





Can't wait to start building!!

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I was able to get started on my Shadow Stormtrooper helmet a couple weeks back, and a Garrison mate offered to help another trooper (working on his TK) and I with the main build process, leaving just the painting/detailing work for later. We went over to his house to take advantage of his expertise... and his belt sander... LOL


Cutting the face... I have to admit, cutting was not as terrifying as I thought... but I was still anxious...



Did I mention the belt sander? Oh, yes...






I still had some fitting work for the ears... they were as frustrating as advertised, but I finally got it where I wanted it and was able to start the detail work. I did lots of sanding and smoothing around the eyes and cut out the teeth on the frown, then it was time to paint...







Then it was on to the tube stripes... I got a template from Pandatrooper over at FISD, and I tried cutting it out with my X-acto knife...



The painting with that template never went like I wanted... the paint kept bleeding under the stencil, so after about three tries (God bless Goo Gone!!), I had to go a different route..



I found another option to use the template and cut out strips of the painters tape to mask that way...



I was much more pleased with the results this time...


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Then it was on to the eyes... I opted against the green lens material that came with the bucket and got a mirrored motorcycle visor on amazon... this photo is post-cutting... I traced the outside of the eyes and cut them out easily enough with my snips around the edges of the visor (in case I messed up)



I used my clamp to hold the curvature around the opening and used hot glue... mixed results on this, because a couple times I had to anchor one side with the glue, then hold the other side down to make sure the majority of the gaps were closed... I left a small opening on the bottom of both eyes to allow air through, a tip I read about...







After gluing the screen on the back of the frown, some more polishing and reassembly, we have a finished product!






Now, on to the rest of the armor... still waiting patiently... well, sort of patiently... LOL


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Nice work. A great-looking ATA bucket.

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Just as an aside, does anyone have suggestions on how to cover the screws inside the helmet? I'd like to avoid accidentally scratching my eyeball out... I guess I could cut them off, but I don't have access to bolt cutters... just curious...

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Just as an aside, does anyone have suggestions on how to cover the screws inside the helmet? I'd like to avoid accidentally scratching my eyeball out... I guess I could cut them off, but I don't have access to bolt cutters... just curious...


Hot glue is good in a pinch. Just put a blob on the screw/bolt thread.

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I found a pair of cheap, smaller bolt cutters at Sears, so I was able to trim the screws that would potentially be a problem... I may still use some hot glue on the ends, just to be on the safe side... I looked around for some rubber/plastic endcap-type pieces, but no luck... I had seen someone use something like that on the back of the mic tip screws, so I figured I would check...

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Nice work on the helmet Doug, Yeah those pesky bolts can be a pain in the backside if not trimmed down or covered up. You could also try a bit of E6000 glue on the end of them as it sets like rubber when dry.

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Since "finishing" the helmet, I have now taken it apart five times... three of those were to fix my hot glue on the lenses, because it kept detaching itself... not sure if it's the humidity in the south or what... I also cut away more of the underneath area around the chin, because it was choking me every time I lowered my head... I've also ditched the hot glue for the lenses and went with some industrial velcro instead... it's not perfect, but they stay in place... will post pics later...


I even tried boiling the lens material to make it curve better, so I wouldn't have to clamp it down while gluing, but that didn't work... whatever that stuff's made of, it's durable...

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Wow, cant wait for more pics. Dougee boy. That bucket still looks great man. You could try scuffing up the bucket inside, then drilling a couple of 1/4' holes in the lenses then e-600 over them. That creates like a stitching affect. I do that sometimes with fiberglass and it makes it nice and strong. Just my $0.02 :P

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Bucket is looking very good. Very nice job on the paint. Everything is looking spot on. Lenses can be tough. If it is really flexing back that much, you can put a reverse glue a screen facing toward your face in the center and on each end, then drill holes in the lens to fit over the screws, washer and nut to hold the lens in place. A little glue around the edges will then add additional strength. There are a lot of different ways to do it, getting creative is definitely recommended :)

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