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Hey everyone, I just got my box o' goodies and need to start buying some things. I have heard from many different sources many different bits of information but I need some answers from the pros...you all here. Other than my hard armor and my E-11 I have no other pieces of gear. I live in south FLORIDA.....where the key word is hot, hot, hot. What undersuit do you all recommend? I know that some sort of "heat gear" will work best, something that wicks away the moisture and heat. Also, same thing for gloves...I need some that are not going to fill with sweat! I have heard there are many different places for neckseals...what are the differences? I also want to add a black shoulder pauldron to my build. Again, who makes a good one? I hope to be able to buy all these things one time and be happy. I don't mind spending a little more money as long as the quality it top notch. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank, Jeff

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congratulations on starting your TX. There's something cool about black armor. As far as undersuit, UnderArmour works great, but a lot of us save money by buying compression gear from Eastbay.com. Shoulder pauldrons are usually pretty easy to score unless you have a larger neck. I think shoulderpauldrons.com still sells them; Trooperbay.com as well. Trooper1 over at the MEPD has the best ones, but he is pricey. Neck seals: Darman, Ladysewsforus, and TK409 make them. You can get them with velcro or zipper closures in the back. I have velcro on mine because I lack confidence that I can zip behind my neck by myself. Others may have a different opinion on that. Darman over at whitearmor.net is the most affordable and fastest to ship usually. I hope that helps. Please continue to ask questions and godspeed on your build.

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for shoulder pauldron , Greg is right shoulderpauldrons.com is not selling atm but they are trying to find another manufacturer that will live up to there quality expectations so they will be back. iI got mine from TK Boots absolutely an excellent guy to deal with, He does not list them on his site but just send him an email and he may be able to help you tkboots.com . For the black boots themselves look up Amsterdam boots on Amazon some great specials there and should be just under $50 . All the rest is above in Toddo's post


Goodluck and look forward to seeing your build progress

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I thought that tkboots was the guy who owned shoulderpauldrons.com?


- Master Tej -




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Well when i was looking i emailed shoulderpauldrons and was told they weren't selling them at present .........then i emailed TKboots and he found one for me at a great price so its worth a try :D

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