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Shadow scout WIP


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So I just finished my ODST minus the visor and am ready to make the Shadow scout. I was thinking going the pepakura way. I have all the files just one problem I don't know if I can get it perfectly smooth with the rondo... don't know if that would be a problem or not, I'll post a pic of my smoothest armor piece on my ODST to show what I'm capable of and to see if that would be ok.

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Bondo, or Filler as we call it over here can be made to go exceptionally smooth.


You just need to shape it, sand it, fill it, sand it, fill it.


When you get to the top layer, you need to switch to a fine grade filler. I use U-Pol Extra or Top Stop Gold.

Take it down to about 240/400 grit and then spray over with a decent filler primer.


Then spray a light guide coat of paint (it'll just be a mist of spots... doesn't need to be anything more) over the whole thing and then wet flat with 400 grit wet and dry paper.

When done, if there are any low spots, you'll see the little spots of paint left in place. Add in more filler and redo the process until flat.


Takes ages... but that's the rub.

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unfortunatly I tried a piece today..... Aaaaannnndd, It doesn't look like I'll be able to do this project after all, don't have the money to do it either and if I did messing up would be terrible, sorry everyone. :(

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