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Torisempai's Elite Nova


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Alright just putting the foundations on a to do list to help me work the parts for an elite novatrooper


Stuff I have:

-Helmet (have but not painted gold yet)

-Hand guards (needs to be painted)

-knee (needs to be fixed and to be interchangeable and painted)

-pauldron (which i have a blue one that i will paint gold)

-arm armor (thanks izzi got some from scooth)

-gold paint


Things I need:

-everything for the backpack


-ammo pouches


...wonder if i can split another armor for the arms lol oh well we will see but looks like my first task is painting!

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Tori - Are you hoping to have this done by Hallow'een? Either way good luck and have fun. I'd love to see build pics but then I didn't take any so it's not really fair of me to ask ;).

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no not a nova done by halloween but just a build thread, I'll take picks when I get it all preped up for painting the things i have least for now i have:




left is a white MRCE painted which I bought the new one from Efx so i will be using the right as the Shadow Stormtrooper and gonna use the left as the nova helmet

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Nice. Waiting to see what you do with them!




yeah i bought the gold paint lol and hope my painting skills is alright gotta trim it first...dont know if hips work the same lol

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it was temporary hiatus there izzi


Stuff I have:

-Helmet (still sanding the crud out of it)

-Hand guards (one needs to be painted)

-knee (needs to be fixed and to be interchangeable)


-arm armor

-gold paint



Things I need:


-ammo pouches

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