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Need a little help if possible...

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Ok peeps I have a good friend of mine names Ed Crandell. He is the author of a series of books called West World. One of the characters is named Gnomon Chase. I was wanting to suprize him this year at Connooga in February by making this character come to life. So, my questions is, is there anyway I can get one of you guys to make this for me? It doesn't have to be perfect just close and the approximate cost for this? Either reply here or send me a pm. Thanks!!


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Mearl - any other reference pictures?


The helmet looks pretty straight forward ... Glowing eyes might take some work but EL tape will do that.


And the knees would be pretty simple.


Easiest muscle suit I've seen is a tarzan one on eBay ... Then the trooper undersuit over top.


Guantlets and gloves will be a bit of a rough go. Articulated fingers are one of the banes of my existence.


What material are you looking for?

I'd suggest EVA foam (low cost, easy to work with) and then coat with white glue (3 coats) and then 3 coats of Smooth-on 65D - this will make it look like ABS and will also be nice and hard and gives a fantastic final coat.


Shoot me a PM and I should be able to connect you with a Crazy talented friend who can either take on the job, or walk you through it ...


Also any thought to budget?

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The finger armor, not worried about. I'll just wear my black jump suit for the under armor. Like I said, doesn't have to be perfect. Since I'm using my sand trooper armor which is HIPS I would like something simular to that. Not sure on budget. Don't want to go over $200/$250 if I have too but will I need be since I already have most of the gear. I can handle the light's for the helmet. Just need the build and I'll do al the "fine" tunni g myself. :-)

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My buddy is in Canada so shipping will probably be steep.


Give me a bit and I'll see what I can come up with.

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That face mask looks like you could mod an "Army of Two" style face mask, to get something very similar.


The gauntlets... Could you use some Fett style ones? (I've got bucks for these).


Shoulders are very similar to Snowie Style ones, but without the detailing. I can do snowie bells, but nothing smooth.


The chest plate looks very 'animated clone' (don't have anything for this... sorry).


Knees, I'd do out of foam-board or similar.

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Update, so I'm gonna start cutting on the armor next Sunday, so of course that means armor party cookout! Got a friend who is going to pepakura me the helmet for $50. Still needing to find the "fett" style gauntlets. Ill post WIP pics when I get them. :-)

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