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Duff Blaster Review

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This is a review of the new DuKu Industries Biker Scout blaster from BSN/Spec Ops member Duff. This review will compare the DUFF, HOTSHOT, SCI-FIRE, and Underground Productions (UGP) scout blasters.


Duff gave me the opportunity to check out his new Scout blaster and "kick the tires". Although I compared it to several other blasters I own, this review will focus only on the new blaster as made by Duff. By the way, he's a really cool guy I'm very pleased to present this review to the troops.


Okay, here's my in depth review:


WEIGHT: Right away, I noticed the blaster weight. This is not a bad thing as I prefer to have something that feels solid and not like it will break. I was able to place this one in my holster and walk around with no sagging of my boot. Overall, it weighs about the same as the Sci-Fire Hyperfirm I own, but feels much more sturdy.


LOOK AND FEEL: This blaster is super nice with a clean sharp pull. The black rubber, rather than a prop painted black, adds to the realism of the prop. Out of the box, it is ready to be "weathered" up for that "broken in look" or left as-is for a nice shiny black blaster. There are virtually no seams on the blaster, unlike other blasters that have horrible seam lines. This also adds to the realism of the prop.


DURABILITY: I dropped the blaster a few times and it literally bounced. Since this is a durable rubber material, I feel it will last for a long time and through many, many trooping events. Of course, dropping a blaster is not something you would do on a regular basis but it does happen from time to time, and usually on concrete. I like that the blaster came with a rubber and a plastic trigger guard and scope ring. To me, the plastic parts are more durable and add to the realism of the blaster. But there are some scouts who may prefer the rubber version. It's nice to have that option, but I'm not certain what options he will provide in the production model.


DETAILS: This blaster has some really, really nice details. I love the power cell, the trigger, the scope (even though it's version 1), and the barrel. This demo model came with version 1 of his scope and I understand Duff is working on a newer, more improved model. I'd like to see the final scope as there may be some more details in the final product. This version looks great and the scope adjustment knobs really look cool! See pics below...


SUMMARY: I cannot say enough good things about this blaster and the skill that went into making it. Of the blasters I own, this would be my favorite...it's just that good. The workmanship and detail that went into creating it really shows Duff's skill and ability to cast and pull a superior product. The flexible rubber material is more solid than the Hyperfirm material and should last a long, long time. To me, this will be a great Biker Scout blaster offering for our BSN and Spec Ops community. Well done! :)


Original blaster from LFL:



Blaster comparison (in order L-R) -- DUFF, HOTSHOT, SCI-FIRE, and UGP:



Side by side comparison -- DUFF (below), HOTSHOT (upper):



Side by side comparison SCI-FIRE (below), UGP (upper):



Underside comparison -- DUFF (L), HOTSHOT ®:



Underside comparison -- SCI-FIRE (L), UGP ®:



Right side comparison (DUFF, HOTSHOT, SCI-FIRE, and UGP):









Rear view of the blaster (L-R) -- DUFF, HOTSHOT, SCI-FIRE, UGP:


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Wow his looks so much better. I would like to have seen a price comparison between the four boasters though.


Okay, here you go!


In this review:

DUFF = $115

HOTSHOT = $60-$70

SCI-FIRE = $150-$250

UGP = $60-$70



KS = $150-$250

GM = $150-$250

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This blaster is off the hook!!! I have seen it run over by a car and nothing happens. Duffy is a part of my garrison and does great work!! If your in the market for a great blaster that is indestructible get one of his you won't be disappointed. :thumbsup:

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