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Shawdow Trooper marking help

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Hey all, Just getting ready to start the whole process of building my TX. I have read tons of forums and posts all over the boards and had one question. I am getting ready to trim the excess edges from the armor and was wondering what is best used to make lines to follow when cutting? The white TK guys use pencil but you cant see it on the TX. I have been told white grease pens, some white or silver washable markers, even running a line of painters tape. What all do you suggest? Any tips, hints, advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again! Jeff / Jediberserker / GRAYSHEEL

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I am in the process of making mine as well and I have found that the silver sharpie markers work really well for me. To get the marks off of armor, just use rubbing alcohol. :) Hope this helps. ^^

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Hmm, I would recommend against painters tape, as I've read that can leave goop which is annoying to get off. Me personally, I've just eyeballed it so far, looking for the areas where the flash from the forming process is obvious. Then again, I haven't gotten into the really nitty gritty of trimming, so I'm not sure if eyeballing it would work there.


- Master Tej -

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