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New Scout from Spain.

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Hi ...

Greetings all troopers ...

it is time to start sharing my progress with you all.

As I said when I sign up for the detachment , my first shadow trooper armor was stolen in January, and since then I'm on waiting list for my two new projects.

I will update my progress here, ... I hope your advice and criticism, whether good or bad.

thank you very much to all.







soon, I'll start with boots


But I have a question, ... I need biker gloves, someone could help me with information on how to get them ..?



thank you very much again.


PS: I think the pictures are very small, will try to enlarge, soon.

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Thank you very much to all, .. I feel at home.

Soon, I will share more progress of my costumes.


Luis,..muchas gracias compañero, de verdad que es muy grato poder conversar en español,... hay varias dudas que tengo y creo que es mejor que las comparta contigo en privado,..el idioma favorecera bastante el entendimiento.

te envio un privado.

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