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Hey everyone, I was at an armor party yesterday and we got a rough trim completed on my entire suit, minus the bucket. I have a very experienced builder that is going to help me but he is currently involved in three projects right now. As this is my first build, I don't want to screw anything up. So in the mean time I was wondering something. I still need to get most of my accessories....gloves, boots, neck seal, black canvas belt, etc. I would like to buy them once preferably and not own three sets of gloves, two or three neck seals, etc. I want to like what I purchase the first time and NOT have to continue re-buying my gear. I live in south Florida where the heat can be brutal so I don't need any gear that is really hot. Any guidance would be awesome! I wear a size 10 1/2 boot (U.S.) Thanks a lot, Jeff / (GRAYSHEEL) / Jediberserker73

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Bucket.....Arakyel on this site


Holster....Bondservant this site

Boots.....as mentioned above

Black canvas belt....Trooperbay, hes also on ebay

Chicago screws/specialty screws....Home Depot or Lowes

Thermal Detonator...Buy the pvc conduit in the electrical aisle at Home depot. Make sure you bring one of the covers with you to make sure you get the right outside diameter because you wont find it with the normal pvc piping.

Neckseal....trooper1 on the mepd site (mos eisley police dept). He also makes the best pauldrons. Trooperbay. ..or one of the best...Darman neckseal that zips up in the back......

Hope this gets you started my brotha..... :thumbsup:

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