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How to shine up your TX?

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I am starting my ATA TX build and was at an armor party a few weeks ago. Somebody there also had a TX set of armor and he had ordered it fully trimmed, and fully polished. His had a HIGH degree of shine and I was just wondering , is this due to the kind of ABS used or is this because whoever he ordered it from polished it up for him? I would like to have that high gloss look and what was best to achieve this look to my armor? I heard something called Novus works well. Have any of you ever used this product and is it for shining or removing fine scratches, or both? Thanks for the help. Jeff / (GRAYSHEEL) / Jediberserker73

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I'm going to second Novis, but I know Izzi uses / used Future Shine.


But from me experience Novus works really well.


Also I'm going to try "Mother's Plastic Polish" as it did a freaking great job on a friends plastic headlight covers. I've got a few scraps of trim I'll try it out on first ... but if it does half as a good a job I'll be ecstatic.

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You can use car wax too. I know many people do and I have used it for the final coat. The nice thing about certain car waxes is they have anti cling properties and I know dust sticks to my armor like a mother. White is so much easier in that aspect. Always test on scrap first as ELP mentioned in his post. I do use Novus for scratch fixes.

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