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I'm currently on the waiting list for an ATA kit, and I'm between 5-7 and 5-8, so it should be fine for you... in March, he told me it would be about 7 months, so I'm looking at October... I went ahead and got a helmet kit from him, because those are a quick turnaround... ordered and got it in less than a week. I've got it built, so now I'm just in waiting mode until it's my turn in line for the rest of the kit.


The quality is great... the pulls look good and are consistent across the board... it's not as expensive as some, but I've seen more expensive kits with lower overall quality.

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Awesome kit, im about the same height. Ya gotta cut a little here and there :wallbash: but an awesome rig :thumbsup: . Welcome to spec ops Jason. If ya need help, just ask away, as there are many on this forum that are here to help you with your build...have fun bro....

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I am sure this will be something in the future for me. But right now I am going to shift my focus to my Shadow Scout and General Weir. But when I get back on this, I might go Nova!

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