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Radiation Zone Assault Trooper (Rad Troopers)

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Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim



Star Wars Databank




The texts describe the armor as being mirrored/silver, as opposed to the white coloring in the images.


The standard equipment for this trooper being;


* SoroSuub stormtrooper carbines x 2

* Concussion grenades x 2

* Vibroblade

* Force pike

* Radtrooper armor

* Standard utility belt

* Survival kit

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Now that the McQuarrie concept TK's have been realised I have taken another look at this armour...it's Concept TK armour with screen TK thigh attachment (the power cells bit). Maybe Kev could be persuaded to pull a set in mirrored PVC?

Only issue I can see is that the concept TK's (& this suit) have to be assembled seamless (no cover strips) so would be difficult to get seamless without ruining the Chrome finish

So, if anyone fancies trying it, I'd say you'd need...

A set of KW Designs McQ Concept TK in Mirror PVC

A Clone Republic Commando neck seal

A scratch built helmet

2x TK holsters

Mirrored TK boots


Sooooooooo tempted

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Weird, I was just thinking about how this might be my next build just a few days ago...


I'd probably still end up scratch building most of it though, hmm..... The McQuarrie concept armor is pretty close but there are still some differences I can spot (especially in the torso area, it look more closely to regular ol' TK stuff), but definitely some parts that could be useable for this guy. Hmm..... Great now you guys got me thinking too much (that never ends too well for me........) :)


No matter what, we probably wouldn't be able to get it approved just yet, still looking for that picture that shows the back of this guy.... But would still be a fun build nonetheless!






Aw man, I've been thinking about this way too much..... I'm starting to see in my mind how I would make each piece, the slippery slope is forming.... :blink:

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