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TD Pipe

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Ya, probably better to get one rather than make it. But here are the details...


(A.K.A. O2 canister) attaches to the center back of the belt. This is an all black cylinder without silver stickers or silver paint. The cylinder is between 2” (50mm) and 2.68"(68mm) in diameter with white end caps on each end. The white control panel pad faces upwards, with controls/round washer style detail closest to the right end cap. The total length should be approximately 7.50" (190.5mm).

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Scott is correct on the length. Go to home depot with one of your end caps in hand, go to the electrical isle which should be the first isle, find the thick conduit which looks like pvc. Try out your end caps on it till you find the right outside diameter, and then cut it to length when you get home. Badda Bing ehh ? Then paint it all nice and shiny black with the paint you buy while at the depot. If you try looking for the right pipe size in the pvc isle you will have no luck. Trust me ive been there. I just thought id be cute and try the electrical isle after the store helper said they dont carry such a diameter pipe. You can imagine my crap eating grin when i passed him with the right size. HAAAAAAAAAA :teehee: :teehee:

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